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Back in the Saddle

Last night was book club night when I’m always up WAY later than normal yet still, so I woke up later than usual this morning and my first thought was, I STILL HAVE TO BLOG. So I guess that habit was an easy one to re-establish!

We have double school orientations today. Wes at his new (because we moved into a new district) elementary school and my daughter because she starts middle school in a new magnet program. They’re both nervous for all the newness that comes with new schools and new years and Donnie and I are anxious to work on a new morning/afternoon schedule that doesn’t require us traveling back to the part of town we used to live in for daycare. We moved 2 miles from Donnie’s office but he has to drive back 7 miles towards the part of town we used to live in just to drop the kids off at daycare. I do the afternoon drive so we’re each only doing it once a day.

August 1st. We keep saying that is when the new life really begins. No more storage unit. No more apartment. No more trips to South Huntsville.

Oh shit, guess I better get the last bit out of the storage unit, huh?

It’s a weird thing, changing parts of town as your grocery store changes and your gas station and your drive through Diet Coke options (what?). I used to pass 3 grocery stores on the way home and I don’t really now, so I have to start planning better which I just HATE doing. I much prefer stopping on the way home every day and just picking up what me need.

Anyway…we’re transitioning. Into an easier life, of course, but it’s a transition. I look forward to it all feeling “normal” instead of “new” but right now it’s still awkward. AND I STILL CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING IN THE NEW PUBLIX.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle”

  1. I hate shopping anyhow, so when my local store decided to “improve” their layout, I was miserable. It’s like when a favorite website changes format on you. It takes WEEKS to get used to it again.

  2. It’s the little changes that will get you! Years ago, when I moved less than 2 miles south on the SAME road, it was just enough of a move that I had to change my grocery store, gas station, etc. It didn’t bother me per se, but I thought it was fascinating how such a small change, led to so many other changes!

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