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Some of you guys who are on instagram have seen the workings of my new giant tattoo but I don’t really want to post pictures here until it’s done – which is still going to be awhile. BUT! I wanted to talk about tattoos in general and why I love them so. And how I heard the term “Ink Therapy” from my brother (founder of the amazing Wearrative) after he met a tattoo artist who is getting his degree in JUST THAT: Ink Therapy. Ever since I heard that phrase I’ve been thinking: YES. THAT IS IT.

Since the fog has started to clear in my life, I’ve been trying to map out where and when things started going bad so I can try to catch things before they get that bad again. There’s the election season – of course – which started getting ugly in the summer 2016, then I had a major personal conflict in Fall 2016 that really pushed me into the deep end, there was the election itself, and then the non-stop frenzy of finally selling the giant house, moving into an apartment, and finding a small house to buy.

In the time since most of that I got a “nevertheless she persisted” tattoo, I got a beautiful Mom flower and 3 baby flowers on my right arm, and I’m working on a giant Phoenix on my left arm. I have gotten TONS of ink as I’ve battled the darkness and I’m continuing it as I come out of the light and IT HAS BEEN EVERYTHING.

It is so hard to explain tattoos to non-tattoo people, mainly because everyone gets tattoos for different reasons. But for me? It’s about so many things. Part of it is forcing permanent change into some aspect of my life when I feel like I don’t have control over the things I want to change. The other part of it is permanently applying beauty (I chose my tattoo artist because she just makes beautiful things) onto my body when I’m feeling overwhelmed by ugly in the world around me. There’s just such a feeling of control like: LOOK. SCREW THE DARKNESS. I AM INKIN LIGHT INTO THIS PLACE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

One of the surprising side effects has been how much I love my reflection now. I’ve always had some body image issues, no matter what my weight, but seeing beautiful art on my body makes me pause and smile at myself in the mirror a lot more now than I did before. I’ll turn a bit and just look at the art on my body. I find myself carrying myself bolder and putting myself more out there instead of hiding in the shadows because I’m like, I’m adorned with beautiful art!.

I just have been thinking about my tattoos as therapy a lot since my brother told me that term and as I got some color added to my left arm last night I thought, Yes…this is therapy in so many wonderful ways.

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  1. I am a firm believer in ink therapy! I got my first tattoo to signify healing from my thyroid cancer surgery & treatment. I love being able to change my body to make it more beautiful and add meaningful artwork.

  2. Now I understand why I don’t cringe or avoid mirrors even though I am noe matching my highest weight ever. There is a pretty pansy on my upper right arm. It was put there in honor of my precious Gram, one of the best people I have ever know. She spread joy to those around her for 104 years. I imagine that she gave her Mother a few grey hairs- like the time she ran away when she was 11. She was spunky , caring, and a wonderful woman that didn’t back down when she needed to stand up.

  3. This post is very cool for those of us who don’t have tattoos (yet!) It helps me “understand” what it might be about much better. Thanks!

    Also, I checked out your brother’s site…wow!!! What a VERY cool concept! It gives me goosebumps! Very proud of him and I wish him so much success! I’m going to share with my friends!

  4. I love this post!

    Confession: I was also initially excited because I was think this was going to be an ink review for fountain pens. I’ve been down for a few months MY therapy has also been trying new ink but for my pens. Not my body. ?

  5. Ink therapy! Love it!!
    I’m due to get some more ink in early November after my final tri of the season. Can’t wait to see your finished pieces!!

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