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Phone Hell

I hate using the phone to make appointments or schedule things. HATE IT. Now, there are times when I feel like phone calls are easier than emails – especially if you’re trying to get technical help on something – but for the most part I would MUCH prefer text and emails and online chat/contact forms. HOWEVER, there are some businesses (especially small local businesses) who just work over the phone. And recently? With this last move and remodel and with the kids changing schools etc? I’ve had to make more phone calls than I have in the several years before. IT HAS BEEN TERRIBLE. Many of these people I had to call several times due to scheduling issues or changes in situations. This has all been in just the last 2 months! IT HAS BEEN AWFUL! And I’ve tried to do a lot of this by email or contact forms on webpages but some people just do NOT answer those things and so I have to pick up the phone.


  • Movers
  • Pest control
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Contractor
  • Electrician again
  • Plumber again
  • Pest Control again
  • Insulation
  • Wes’s new school to figure out what he needed to verify residency
  • New ball park to verify age groups for soccer
  • Set up annual check up for Wes
  • Call insurance over weird billing issue
  • Transfer cable services
  • Transfer electrical services

Is it just me or is making phone calls the worst thing ever?

14 thoughts on “Phone Hell”

  1. I also moved recently, and I also am not a fan of making phone calls. It’s hard when you struggle with any bit of social or generalized anxiety! I usually wait until the last possible moment and then make any calls I have to just before it’s too late. It took me so long to call the cable company that I ended up changing my cell phone plan to have unlimited data (I could do that online!) so I could keep using my phone as a hotspot.


  2. My mother also had a phone phobia, so she would have me make the calls! Consequently I have no issue with making calls today (although I still don’t like leaving messages because what if I say something stupid?).

    Would it help to write down a little “script” in case you forget who/why you’re calling? Also, reward yourself after each call!

  3. Ugh! I don’t like making phone calls either because it means I have to actually talk to someone.

  4. Yeah. I’m not a fan of phone calls, either. It could have something to do with my hearing loss, which makes me have trouble understanding speech sometimes (face to face is easier because I can at least see your lips, which usually helps). I love that my doctor’s office has an app and/or online portal that can be used to make appointments or ask questions.

  5. I really don’t like to make phone calls either! I’m glad things have changed so many things can be done online. I’d rather talk to a person face to face instead of on the phone.

  6. Girl? It is THE WORST. I have terrible anxiety, so you’d think phone calls — where I can prep a “script” ahead of time — wouldn’t be so bad for me, but no. I get my husband to do it whenever possible.

  7. Making phone calls is the absolute worst thing EVER! I even hate listening to voicemail, which is why I LOVE that my phone shows a text of the voicemail now so I don’t even have to listen to it! I hate talking on the phone so much that I even avoid calling my doctor’s office for a refill on my medication until the very last moment. Hate it!

  8. I hate making phone calls. HATE. I have had on my to-do list to call and make an appointment with my hairstylist for literally 6 weeks. Phone calls are the worst.

    (My husband teases me that I text like a 15 year old girl. Text messaging. Best! Thing! Ever!)

  9. I totally hate making phone calls. As I was copying a call I need to make from last week’s to-do list to this week’s, I found myself wondering if I would ever get to it.

  10. I’m okay with talking on the phone, but I hate the Voicemail Circle of Hell. I’ve been doing a ton of house-related stuff this summer and as soon as I reach the person live, I offer up texting for future communications.

  11. Yes it is. Business calls are not as bad- Because you know the people on the other end are doing their jobs. Other calls always feel intrusive to me. I used to hate having to get volunteers for the Marathon and Cotton Row by making phone calls. Now I can email or text. It is so much easier.

  12. It’s not just you!! I need to make a couple phone calls myself that I keep procrastinating because talking on the phone is THE WORST. I definitely feel your pain.

  13. And I thought it was just me. I hate making phone calls! We just moved to a new state so I have much the same list as you plus phone calls for car insurance, home owners, drivers licenses and car registration, doctors for new and old location, and probably more.

    My kids always laugh when I make a phone call. Apparently, I have a special phone voice that I use when making all those business calls.

  14. My deepest shame is that I have been avoiding the dentist for a year simply because I cannot bring myself to call and make an appointment. I chose my other doctors based on their online appointment systems. ?

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