Lessons From The Surface Of The Sun.

WE SURVIVED! The hottest heat index of our Saturday run was 110 degrees and I’m fairly certain it was over 100 by 9am. (It was 78 before sunrise.) We started with 3min/3min walk/run intervals with stops every 2-3 miles for sunscreen water and ice. It was perfect from 6:30 until 1:30 when we hit the worst stretch with a long section with no shade. That’s when we decided to take a longer break to move one of our cars (so we could avoid the no shade section again) and to buy more ice and sunscreen because we didn’t realize how fast the ice would melt in coolers in our cars. Then we took another long break around 4:30 or so to wait out a storm/play in the rain. We all got 26-31 miles and we learned TONS about what we need to use/consider for running in the heat.

  • Non-food items need to be in the cooler too. My tub of Aquaphor TOTALLY liquified and our liquid sunscreen was SO HOT.
  • UV sleeves next time! Worrying about sunscreen was a big pain in the but so we’re going to check out UV sleeves for next time. Donnie actually has some he got at a race and he says you can soak them in ice and put them on and they work great. I’m going to test them out a bit to make sure they actually work but I’m excited to add those to my gear.
  • A bandana/neck wrap with ice in it stays colder longer than those 14-dollar thermo towel things. I bought a couple of those (and the kids will still use them at sports where there’s not always ice available) but they did not stay cool as long as Chelsea’s bandana of ice.
  • Boob ice is the way to go. At every stop we put handfulls of ice in our sports bras. It really helped.
  • Change of clothes are a REQUIREMENT, you feel SO MUCH BETTER if you can get dry clothes on when you’re soaked with sweat. Also – LOTS of hand towels. Those also were good to have to dry off a bit before trying to reapply sunscreen.
  • Laying down in the rain on a hot sidewalk after running 26 miles is just as good as going to a spa. FYI.

I felt great the next day but the bottoms of my feet are solid with blisters. I HAD ONLY ONE CHAFFE SPOT! And I caught it fast enough that I reapplied aquaphor and it didn’t get too bad until the end of the day again. I was testing out a new bra and I think that helped. The blisters I got though were in places I’ve never gotten blisters before. Part of it is because our feet were just SO WET with sweat. But I’m wondering if part of mine was also going up 1/2 of a size in tennis shoes. I was kinda border and they feel fine to run in, but maybe my feet move around too much? I don’t know. I need to work that out over the next 6 weeks b/c that will CRIPPLE me.

All in all? 31 miles in “HEAT ADVISORY” levels of heat with 2 brilliant running sisters was WAAAAYYYY better than I thought it would be. We laughed TONS if you can believe it (although a lot of that laughter was delirious laughter) and we all actually felt better than we expected. We can be almost 100% positive that it won’t be that hot labor day weekend but we are ready if it is. (And in Alabama, you just never know.)

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  1. Glad you all survived and were able to test out strategies and gear. Looking forward to reading all about your race adventure!!

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