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6 Weeks

(Look at me! Writing on a Saturday! I really am back!)

6 weeks from today is the longest/biggest race of my running career and I’ve trained about…zero.

Honestly, I’m not worried, 6 weeks is a long time in the world of a runner.

The race is easy: I get 48 hour to run as many loops as I want on a 2’ish mile course. My goal is 100 miles. I know I can’t do it without sleeping in the middle somewhere and I am 100% okay with that. So I’m hoping to run a bunch, drive to the hotel and get GOOD sleep (you can sleep on site, but I’ve opted to not bother) and then run some more. Honestly – if I do more than 68 miles (the most I’ve ever done in one event) I’ll be fine…but I really want that 100-mile buckle.

Today is my biggest training day. Me and my two running sisters: Colleen and Chelsea (who are doing the same race) are starting “running” at 6am and not stopping until around 8pm. We are calling it the sunrise to sunset run but truthfully we plan on walking WAY MORE than running. We have several goals.

  • Test out different hot running gear/clothing/etc. We have planned a route along a greenway with a bunch of aid drops so we can change out clothing if we need. We’re all worried about sweating/chaffing for that long so we want to find what works best.
  • Test out nutrition/hydration.
  • Time ourselves at various paces. This is something that’s important to me because when I go to “sleep” in the middle of the race, I want to know what I can do if I’m moving the slowest with my time remaining. But I also want to know like – my walk/run pace in case I need to push myself. Running math is hard when you’re tired so I want to have a sheet on race day that says: This pace – This many miles per hour.
  • See if we can keep moving in the heat for that long. We all would LOVE to do most of our running during nighttime hours and get our one sleep during daytime, but we usually do races in cold seasons so we’re not sure how bad it will be.

We have no distance goals today. Just time. If I can get at least 40 miles in 14 hours then that means I could do 100 in 35 hours which gives me time to sleep in the middle somewhere. But I hope I can do more so my “buffer” becomes less constricting.

Six weeks to really buckle down. I’m going to start doing all the things in the next 6 weeks I should have been doing all along. You know, because I’m smart. But like I said – 6 weeks is a long time. I can do it! I’m going to get better with my diet and fitness and knock this puppy out of the park. And then I’m going to wear that damn 100-mile buckle with pride!

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  1. Here’s to the Buckle project!! Good luck at your trial run!! Have fun!!

  2. It was fun running & walking with you and Chelsea! Let me know when you are running and I can join you as much as I can!

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