I’m A Pool Person Now.

I didn’t grow up with regular access to a swimming pool. It’s part of the reason why I had SUCH a fear hurdle to jump doing triathlons. I could swim, in my own way, but only if there were sides of a pool nearby or a ground I could see/touch. I went to a daycare for several years that took us to a pool once a week, and then there were always trips to the city pool when I visited my Grandparents, but for the most part? It was just a periodic thing. I loved it when I did it, like all kids do, but it seemed very much a “kid” thing. So, as an adult, there has been NO part of me that has “enjoyed” our “sought out” swimming opportunities.

Now, once I learned to swim better training for triathlons, I will say I started to enjoy the pool more. I’d take the kids to the indoor pool at the YMCA (where we’re members) periodically in the winter to work off some of that trapped-inside energy. But still, not something I loved doing.

So, when we bought a house about a block away from a neighborhood pool that Donnie wanted to join, I rolled my eyes. I knew he wouldn’t take the kids that often because he works so late, and we all know I don’t really love the pool so I wasn’t going to do it, which means this was going to be a big ole waste of money. But he insisted because both kids are old enough to take the test to swim there without an adult so they could walk there maybe. Also? It’s a salt water pool, which is probably what sold me. (Chlorine is THE WORST for curly hair.)

And y’all? I have become SUCH A POOL PERSON. I go and I play! I play in the pool! I just swim around and go under water and sit in the silence and try to swim across the pool without taking a breath and I watch the kids dive and I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s so relaxing and when the heat index is over 100 degrees during the day, it’s the BEST. We go at night so it’s not too crowded and we sometimes order pizza to be delivered there and then we walk home.

I have become a pool person.

I sometimes will sit and read while the kids play, but most of the time I want to play. I just find sitting underwater so relaxing, it’s like a form of escapism because it’s quiet. I just take a deep breath and sit on the bottom of the pool for up to a minute, soaking in the silence.

And yes – I’m pretty sure all the lifeguards think I’m a weirdo. BUT I DO NOT CARE.

Often I’m playing with the kids, but not always. Sometimes they’re incorporating me into challenges or we play games or I just play around while they show me dives off the board, but often? They’re doing their own thing and I’m doing my own thing. I just love it.

I guess my point is…you just never know.

11 thoughts on “I’m A Pool Person Now.”

  1. I did not know that salt water pools were a thing. Hanging out at the pool at night, eating pizza, actually sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. That is SO awesome! Another good reason for your move 🙂 Now *I* want to be a pool person!

  3. We joined a pool this summer and just last night John and I were saying how glad we are that we did. My son is still learning how to swim so it’s not quite as relaxing as your pool experience, but it is so much fun!

  4. I think I recognize that pool! I grew up in Huntsville, across the street from that pool. I spent all day every day there in the summers. My parents still live in that house, but they don’t maintain a pool membership anymore. I moved to Florida years ago after college, but the older I get, and the older my kids get (7 and 9 now), the more I appreciate Huntsville and what I had growing up there. My town in Florida doesn’t have community pools like that, and I miss it so much.

    Thanks for all of your posts, especially the HSV-centric ones which give me a window into the city that I miss.

  5. Aren’t community pools (or any pools I suppose) wonderful!!! All three of our children are now old enough to be dropped off at the pool which is glorious and the physical outlet is so good for them. I’m glad you found a happy place.
    You have also encouraged me to play more with my girls when I am there with them 🙂
    Tonight is the ice cream social at the pool for pass holders only and I vow here and now I will bring my suit and play !!

  6. Sit on the bottom of a pool- whats that???Even when I was a skinny, I couldn’t do that. I like to just float around. What I would really like is a pool close- at least closer than 20 miles would be good. Mt. Springs also has a swim team. I always found that swim team was a good way to get the kid out of bed and exercising every day for 5 weeks.

  7. Pools are awesome and as soon as my ship comes in that’s the first thing I’m gonna get.

  8. I wish I had a daily-accessible pool, other than at the gym that is. I went in for a dip one morning when I was visiting my mother, and thought yeah, if I had this, I would be in it pretty frequently.

  9. You want relaxed? just take a good breath and go totally limp for a minute or two. Just drifting with the light is very calming. Make sure you tell the lifeguard what you’re doing, though, or you are likely to find yourself being “saved”.

  10. I can’t say I’ve never been a pool person. I’ve ALWAYS been a water person. Now, I’m not a strong swimmer in the least but I absolutely love being in the water. It’s the most relaxing thing I can think of. We bought our house almost two years ago and were so excited that it has its own pool. We seriously always teased that if we had a pool, we wouldn’t play the, “what do you want to do this weekend”, “I dunno, what do you want to do” game every weekend. Instead, we would just go get in the pool. And, that’s exactly what we do. I’m with some of the above comments, floating is the way to go! I consider it my form of meditation.

    Also, as a side note: from what I’ve learned since getting a pool – I have always wanted a salt water one because I thought that not having the harsh chemicals it would be better. But, the way the salt works (according to my husband) is that it turns into chlorine. So, there is chlorine in the pool, it’s just a more natural version. And, I’ve delayed my want of a salt water pool as the salt tend to corrode the inner pump and parts of the pool faster than the chlorine does. Of course, I know you’re not interested in that part since you’re not actually a pool owner, but I just had to explain myself. Anyway, you go out there and do the pool your way. Don’t worry about those lifeguards. HAVE FUN. That’s what it’s there for!!! 😀

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