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The Year Of The McElroy Family Of Products

Today is my birthday and I want to tell you a little about my last year.

Some time before I turned 41 last year – I discovered the the podcast My Brother, My Brother, And Me. It’s the 3 McElroy brothers sitting around and giving terrible advice to some people who have asked real questions directly to them, but also to the random Yahoo Questions user. I don’t remember exactly when I found it, but I remember thinking that it was a reprieve from the stress that the campaign season was causing me. You see, I consider the 2016 presidential campaign season the beginning of my mental health crisis which I am just now finding my way out of. Recently I said to someone, “Well, I don’t consider driving my car high speed into trees anymore, so…YAY!”

Better! Yay for mental health! And daily doses of SSRIs!

I was seeing the ugly side of everybody and I was finding Trump’s ascent into popularity so very disheartening and the support he was getting from the Republicans in my life was devastating. And that silly podcast with it’s FOUR HUNDRED BILLION EPISODES made me laugh every day. And I can tell you exactly why it made me laugh: Because I have a brother whom I love dearly, who also makes me laugh like that. Something about listening to MBMBAM – even though their humor is a tad more crass than the one my brother and I share – made me laugh like I do when my brother and I get into our own schticks together.

FULL DISCLOSURE: They are very profane and normally I don’t like profane humor but because it’s in the Sibling Safe Place (I curse talking to my brother and I don’t often curse any other time) for some reason I don’t mind it.

But it didn’t stop there.

From there I discovered The Adventure Zone (which I wrote about here) – a podcast the brothers do with their Dad playing D&D. That podcast made me laugh but also entertained me as a narrative story filled with action and suspense. (The last chapter started this week AND I DO NOT WANT IT TO END.)

Then, I became a MaxFun donor (That’s how you support their network) and as I was listening to some of the bonus material you get once you’re a donor, I discovered Sawbones. One of the brothers does this one with his doctor wife and it’s medical history show that is a little irreverent and a lot interesting and even more TOTALLY TERRIBLE AND DISGUSTING, but I love it. OH MY GOD OUR MEDICAL HISTORY IS INSANE, Y’ALL.

And at some point I discovered Rosebuddies which is a podcast a different brother does with HIS wife where they talk about the show The Bachelor and I don’t even WATCH that show but their charm and chemistry is SO GREAT I can’t help but listen to it.

So…in case you haven’t kept up…these guys have had me listening to a D&D podcast when I’ve never played D&D, a medical history podcast when I don’t give two flying craps about anything even remotely related to medical history, and a Bachelor podcast when I DO NOT EVEN WATCH THE DAMN SHOW THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.

That’s how wonderfully charming these guys are – you just get sucked in to everything they do. And their wives are just as lovely and entertaining.


There’s one wife I haven’t mentioned. Travis does The Kind Rewind with his wife and their rewatch of Season 1 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer brought me so much joy because I rewatched it along with them and it was like hanging out with my friends!

And finally – the most recent addition to my podcast app – a podcast I’m listening to with Nikki. Still Buffering which Dr. Sydnee McElroy (of Sawbones fame) does with her younger sisters, the youngest who is currently in high school. They talk humorously about the teen experience and my daughter and I love listening to it together.

I just can’t brag on this family of products enough, and how instrumental it’s been in helping me keep my head about water during a tough year. These guys and their families have been my escape every day. They brought me light after the election when I kept getting overwhelmed by the darkness. They’ve kept me company on long runs and helped me fall asleep at night. I’m just so grateful for their humor and their heart and when I was sitting here this week reflecting on the last – very difficult – year, I just couldn’t help but thing about how big of a part they’ve been of it.

Here’s to 42.

And here’s to the McElroys who got me through a very tough year with tons of laughter and charm.

13 thoughts on “The Year Of The McElroy Family Of Products”

  1. Happy Birthday, Kim! Here’s to a fantastic year ahead. Can wait to hear about your new home either.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you’re starting 42 out on a good note.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    And nice work, McElroy family!!
    I have a similar podcast “family” that has seen me through good and bad times for the past TEN YEARS! I’m glad you found the McElroys.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kim. I’m very glad to see a post for you. I’m not much into podcasts, but you’re inspiring me to try.

  5. Happy Birthday! I’m so glad to see a post from you, I can’t wait until you’re feeling like blogging again.

    PS: Here’s a plug for podcast Wolf359 again. Fiction, but great!

  6. Have a great birthday! 42 was my favorite, but really only because I’m a Douglas Adams fan. Still, better than no reason, I guess.

  7. Happy Birthday! I’ve been going through stages due to Trump and it has been an interesting year. There are a lot of us who cannot believe that this has happened. I love your blogging and hope you are doing well!

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