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Just something light today because I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing every morning. I’m actually just trying to get back into the habit of a lot of things that I know ease my soul but are so hard to do when you’re feeling gray. That’s the Catch-22 with depression, you know that some things make you feel a little better, but the drive to do those things is 100% gone. So you phone it in with a blog entry about various things you’ve read/watched/listened to lately and hope that helps.

  • I read The Circle because it’s my book club book AND I was thinking I’d see the movie on Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza but y’all – it frustrated the hell out of me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living inside the internet for over a decade or what, but I found the story unbelievable from the first few chapters. When I couldn’t easily get the movie to fit into my 3-movie day, I opted not to see it because I found the book so frustrating and I didn’t want to associate two of my favorite actors with it if I found the movie just as bad. Have you read it? What are your thoughts? It wasn’t bad in the quality sense, I just couldn’t believe it.
  • I did see the new King Arthur movie on Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza and while I don’t think the script was that great, I loved the cinematography and the acting and the costumes and special effects. It was VISUALLY COMPELLING, which held me to a kinda weak script. And the acting was superb. And some of the music/visual combinations were just mesmerizing. I hate it’s getting crappy reviews because – even with the kinda weak script – I think it’s worth seeing, ESPECIALLY on the big screen.
  • I’ve got another podcast I’ve been listening to lately that I’m so surprised I love. It’s Sawbones and it’s a husband/wife duo discussing medical history. (Wife is a doctor, husband is a McElroy brother from many other of my favorite podcasts.) This is a great one to put on absentmindedly to just fill the space while you’re walking the dog or falling asleep. I don’t feel like I have to worry about missing something if I doze of or zone out, it’s just light and entertaining. I love it. And there’s several years of it to listen to so I think it will last me for awhile!

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  1. I read The Circle- did not care for it at all. Something about it made me anxious and vaguely unsettled. Not sure if it was because of other things going on my life at the time but yah, no real interest in seeing the movie after reading the book

  2. OMG, Podcasts. Have you listened to Wolf359? I’m anxiously waiting on the new/final season to start.

  3. You may have mentioned this in the past, but have you ever listened to Serial podcast? I highly recommend it.

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