• We found a house! Donnie and I had been coming from different places in the search for years. I had a lower price I was aiming for (really wanting a 15-year loan) and he had locations he was aiming for where that price was hard to reach so we were struggling with the dilemma between a 30-year mortgage and his ideal location. But we found a house so outdated that it falls under my budget in his location! Of course, the inspection could thwart us significantly, but we’re bracing ourselves for some of it. We’d be a hop, skip, and a jump away from the trails we love in a 1-story rancher that is less than 1600 sq ft. EEK! Contract is signed, now we just have to deal with the inspections.
  • Nikki got in the magnet program she applied for. I might have updated that already but I haven’t really been sleeping and my brain is foggy so I want to make sure you all know! She’s in and we know a few others who will be in too so we’re super excited!
  • I posted a picture on instagram a few weeks ago of a gift with no card I received that I COULD NOT MAKE ANY SENSE OF. I blasted it on social media and NO ONE said ANYTHING. Until last night and y’all? This is not even a story I can do justice in written form. One of my oldest and dearest friends sent it to me but the text conversation we had last night as she was trying to discretely see if I had gotten it, and then alarmed I didn’t understand the gift because SHE HAD EMAILED ME ABOUT DINOSAURS AND I DID NOT EVEN REMEMBER REPLYING. And if that’s not even funny enough, that I answered an email about dinosaurs and have NO recollection of it, it turns out she was trying to gift me something of significance from a story I told here. She was trying to send me hints like the “title” of the gift in an email and I was SO DAMN CONFUSED STILL but we were both cracking up. AND THEN, when she tried to pull up the source blog post to send it to me to say, “NOW DO YOU GET IT?” she realized: OH. She got it wrong. The story was about SPIDER PLANTS not AIR PLANTS. SO WE BOTH ARE IDIOTS and it makes that little dinosaur SO MUCH more significant now. THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED!
  • I’m back to running. Slowly but surely. I have a stage race in a few weeks and I’m definitely not going to be “prepared” for it in the typical sense – but I should survive. It’s good to be back running, it’s hard with the extra weight but I’m confident that will melt away slowly as long as I eat smart. Big race is labor day weekend. I just need to be down to race-day-weight by then!

Truth Time: I was going to just end this here but that feels weird. I’ve had a bit of a personal crisis this week. Too personal to talk about here but it involved a lot of sleepless introspection and that’s honestly never good. I’ve made bad decisions that I disguised-to-myself as good decisions (it’s easy to do if you compartmentalize like I do to cope with anxiety) and I’m having to face that and it’s hard not to be really angry with myself. I tend to always assume I’m the worst person in the room in any situation anyway – and facing honest errors in judgement just magnifies that. So I’m going to spend some quiet time coloring and reflecting and hopefully I’ll come out on the other side a little wiser and less prone to bad decision making. I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s Mantra: Be as kind to yourself as you are to your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Updates.”

  1. I’m sorry you’re having a bad week; being kind to yourself is hard sometimes, but a good goal. And yay on the house, the mystery solved, and all other good things!

  2. I totally read ‘magnet’ as ‘management’ and was extremely confused as I couldn’t figure out how on earth she was old enough for THAT!

  3. OF COURSE I’m in line at the bank when reading this on my phone… Hahaha! So, we can now add this part on the end of our story…the part where the LOVELY, elderly man in front of me in line asked if I wanted to go first when they called him up, due to my tears (of laughter, AGAIN) that he interpreted as sad/crazy tears. ??? He’s prob not too far off… ?

    Much more to say but gotta go now since now it is my turn in line! ??

  4. Yay for the house! And good for you getting back to running and training. As you know, that will help with the blues. I’ve noticed that for me, exercise helps with decision making, giving me quiet time to ponder things.

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