The Bible and Refugees.

NOTE from 2021: When I noticed my blog was getting hacked in February of 2020 I did some quick fixes and somehow all of my draft posts from the previous 16 years ended up assigned to that month. This is one of those posts. I used the context to “guess” when I actually wrote it so if anything about this publication date seems off to future me…I wanted this note here to explain possible errors.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of political “what ifs” that are pervading the political scope this election cycle. The “what ifs” related to illegal immigrants from Mexico and refugees from Syria. There’s a lot of talk about the bad that happens if we allow these populations into our country. And I’ve been thinking about those a lot because it seems the division between perspectives is how you look at the Worse Case Scenarios.

The illegal immigrants from Mexico don’t have terrible “what ifs” associated with them so that’s not the darker of the two situations. The dark questions always fall back to What if we let in a terrorist?

Let’s first point out that the US vetting process for refugees is much better (and can be much better due to geography) that in many European countries so imagining a refugee faking through all of that just to get in to perform a terrorist act is hard to imagine. It’s much more likely they come in simply on travel visas which has nothing to do with the refugee program.

BUT – let’s talk about that “What if” anyway and as it relates to Jesus.

I like Jesus’ teachings a lot. I actually fall back on them more than the average on-believer. He would NOT have turned people away for fear they would hurt us. And if they did hurt us, I would think he would at least point out that we died following his teachings and therefore we’d have a first-class ticket to heaven.

I guess I’m just confused by the people who are SO anti-refugee (at least in my experience) tend to also be the people who tend to be fundamentalist Christians, Christians who use the bible a lot in describing the country they want to build. They use it to define marriage and to define life beginning at conception building a foundation for being anti-Choice. I can understand the biblical support of those issues believe it or not, but I struggle with how they rectify biblical support of blocking refugees. It sometimes seems like that population of concerned citizens only use the bible to support policies some of the time, unless there are ways to use the bible to block refugees and illegal immigrants and I’m just not familiar enough with biblical arguments to know those.

I don’t know. I just get frustrated sometimes because I feel like the best parts of the bible get lost in the shuffle. But I’m no bible expert.

Note from 2021: This is a post that was in draft mode so I obviously meant to “edit” it and “finish” it but I want to leave it as is – as a reminder of what my brain was obsessing over post-Trump.

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