Ended March With A Bang, and Ready For Spring

If you’ve been reading here at all since November you know I’ve been on the downswing of a very rough mental health cycle. It’s not unmanageable, although I’m looking to embrace a different program that I’ll report on when it’s more solid, but it’s been kinda shitty. I’ve been even more of a downer in person than I’ve been online so you guys should really feel for my family. And then, of course, I hate March for a million reasons relating to my Dad and then I lost my aunt and come Friday I was ready to bid farewell to the month from Hell.

Friday (the last day of March) evenging we went and saw a house that is great in a lot of ways and we were going to put an offer on it (there’s some “long shot” elements to it) so we were celebrating that step at dinner when we THEN found out (10 days early) that Nikki got into the magnet program she’s been targeting for over a year. So, yeah, we bid farewell to March in epic style.

I ran 3 hours/13 miles Saturday on a beautiful first day of April. I had great conversation with friends and then spent the day eating smart and being productive. Sunday I did a 6-mile hike on my favorite trails on the mountain and was even more productive and ate even more mindfully…skipping out on several opportunities to make bad decisions. I have my bag packed for the YMCA where I’m heading this morning to hit the treadmill for the first time in MONTHS.

Three days into April and it’s already looking good. I have a big race weekend in 4 weeks so I have to stay on track and hopefully start working my way back towards my race-day body which is currently over 20lbs away. I need to get there definitely by the BIGGEST OF ALL THE RACES Labor Day weekend, but any leaner than this is better as this body feel VERY clumsy running around and I’d like my running body back.

It was just a good weekend. The weather was PRIME which plays about 100% of a factor in my mood this time of year. I also had several opportunities for good conversation and felt very productive (I even worked on Saturday which I never do) so all-in-all it was a GREAT mental health weekend. There are several factors that can keep me in the Mental Health Green Zone – Friends, Productivity, Exercise and Mindful Eating are all ones that help but I’ve been failing at lately so this weekend was one of the best mental health stretches I’ve had in awhile.

I’m ready to shake of the funk of the crappy Winter and roll into a revival this Spring. Thank you for tolerating my funk and for reaching out so many times when I need it. The roller coaster of Mental Health is constant and it’s nice to know other people stuck on the same ride.

Here’s to a good day amidst the thunderstorms.

I’m running late to get to the Y and therefore haven’t proofed this entry and I feel it’s a bit scattered anyway but know things are good today. Thank you for rooting for me.

4 thoughts on “Ended March With A Bang, and Ready For Spring”

  1. Happy to see this, and good riddance to March. Congrats to Miz Nikki!

    Also thanks for posting that tree again, I just love that one!

  2. Congrats to Nikki on acceptance into the magnet school. I didn’t see you name the school, but I know I caught a peek of you at the open house back in…December, January, whenever it was (and, we got our acceptance email Friday afternoon, as well), so I’m guessing our kiddos will be in school together come the fall. Applying was certainly a train driven by my son, and he’s been over the moon since the email…so I really hope it’s turns out to be all they hope for and more!

  3. Great news all round!

    Just a thought, I am not sure how much daylight or sunshine you get in Alabama during the winter. (We don’t get much of either here in Ireland). But do you think one of those UV lights might help during the winter?

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