And Now On To The Important Issues…

I took the rescinding of Obama’s Rule on Transgender Students bathroom use VERY HARD last night. Maybe you live in a state that is trying to issue legislation that protects Trans kids – BUT I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT. Luckily, my state is terrible at writing anti-Trans legislation and the one we’re fighting now (AL SB1) pisses off business owners too so I think we’ll be okay. BUT DUDE. OBVIOUSLY THEY’RE NOT TRYING TO PROTECT THE TRANS KIDS. So leaving this as a “state issue” is disconcerting at best for me.


I don’t want to talk about that. Instead I’m going to dedicate this post to some random fluffy things that have been on my mind.

What’s Up With The Fancy Pens?

Y’all know I take pens seriously, but I don’t understand the next level of pen – the one you buy refills for. Are those pens as good as my uni-balls? Or my Signo 307s? They’re super expensive and many carry a lot of street cred (YES. THERE IS PEN STREET CRED. STEP OFF.) but I’ve never used one. In my head everyone seems to rave about the CASING and not the INK part, so is that why people buy them? Just for the fancy casing? Or are there good internal pieces too? Is this a world I need to explore? I can show you the world…shining shimmering splendid…

I can’t watch This Is Us

I tried, y’all. I started it and fell in love with it with the rest of the world. But it makes me cry EVERY DAMN EPISODE and I feel like I’m being manipulated. I quit watching Parenthood for the same reason. And I’ve quit watching other shows when I feel like they’re holding a desired character hook up in front of the audience like a carrot and keep letting us get close, and then moving it further. I HATE BEING MANIPULATED BY TV. I know that’s how they make money but for some reason I just can’t. So I quit watching it.

Really it’s because I cry enough without a heart-destroying TV show to trigger me.

I need a new job to pay for my hair stuff.

I’ve never been someone who pays money for hair or cosmetics. I used to dye my hair but I did it myself. I get my hair trimmed at the place next to Target twice a year. I don’t wear makeup but mascara once in awhile. ETC. But I’ve been trying new hair stuff now that we’re trying to go cruelty free and my favorite conditioner is $12 a bottle and my fave styling/curl cream is $16 dollars a tube! (I buy one at Whole Foods and the other at Target.) And if I showered and fixed my hair-from-wet every day I’d use those both up in about 5-7 days. That is $120 a month on hair stuff??!!!??! Instead I go several days without getting my hair wet so I make it last and sometimes I just throw a braid in to avoid the styling cream BUT STILL. SO MUCH MONEY. But I love my curls so much now. I’ve liked them before but now I LURVE them.

As an alternative today I just coated the crap out of my hair with straight-up coconut oil. That stuff is expensive too, but a good alternative that can look like a food product so I can pretend it’s groceries. 😉

I really like apartment living

I mean, I hate walking the dog but there’s a dog park so it’s kinda easier. Overall I have such minimal anxiety about my living situation when don’t have to flip out every time the toilet wobbles or maybe doesn’t flush great. NOT MY PROBLEM. Our house still hasn’t sold (Tentative closing: March 3rd. Maybe one week later. Seller waiting on paperwork that takes 2-3 weeks from yesterday.) so it’s hard to REALLY relax, but it’s so nice not having to worry about ANYTHING related to my living quarters. ANYTHING. LOVE IT.

I’m so behind on doctor’s visits

Y’all know I’m not a fan of doctors. I avoid them when at all possible. I loved my OB/GYN but I think that’s because if I wanted to have kids I needed to love him because I SAW HIM OH SO OFTEN. And he was very good at the “there’s no heartbeat” message when I had miscarriages. I didn’t need it, I knew how to interpret my own ultrasounds, but still…it was nice.

ANYWAY. I need to make SEVERAL. And it’s overwhelming. I feel like I can just make ONE appointment, now when I’ve not seen a real doctor in forever. And what about the hours I miss at work? That’s the sucky thing about being an hourly employee…every doctor’s appointment means a decreased paycheck. I mean, we’re not leaving paycheck-to-paycheck so it’s not a HUGE deal but it’s still a deterrent. BUT I NEED TO DO IT. Am I the only grown-up scared of doctors? Please tell me I’m not. I know my left-hand turn anxiety is weird, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in the doctor anxiety.

7 thoughts on “And Now On To The Important Issues…”

  1. I tend to avoid doctors too. I’m not sure when last
    I saw my general practitioner. It has been years! Luckily I get a free physical through the medical center at work, so
    I’m not toally behind on checks. I’m not sure that I’m scared of doctors. I think I’m more afraid of the waiting room! So
    You aren’t alone!

  2. I always try to find doctors who have pre-9 am or post-5 pm hours, or who will see patients on weekends. It’s a pain in the ass finding them, but worth it not to have to miss work!

  3. Fancy pens. Yeah, I’d like to know, too. I have a few refillable pens. I never use them. For me, it is easier to get a new pen than search for the perfect refill. But maybe that’s me.

    This Is Us. LOVE. And yeah, it makes me cry, but crying is good so I don’t mind. Not every single episode brings on the waterworks, but the last few have been ones that made me need a little Kleenex nearby.

    Hair stuff. I am still trying to find stuff I like. I’m doing co-wash now. Renpure rosemary mint cleansing conditioner. I like it, but feel like I have to wash my hair more often than I used to. If I stop and switch to shampoo, my scalp gets flaky/scabby (eww). Have you checked online sources for your favorites? Sometimes I can find better deals online than in the local stores. (But then that would negate trying to shop locally, which I know is another thing you try to do.)

    It’s nice not having to worry about the stuff that goes wrong in an apartment. But I hated apartment life with pets. Give me a back yard I can let them out into so that I don’t have to haul them in and out and up and down stairs.

    Doctors. Because we have good health insurance, I don’t mind seeing the doc too much. And I’m fortunate not to have to worry about taking off work to do it. (Was just there earlier this morning for routine bloodwork.) But dentists…. dental insurance sucks. So that’s the one I have avoided for longer than I can say in public.

  4. OMG, I felt the exact same way about Parenthood!! I had not started watching This Is Us because just from the previews I was afraid to get too involved. But then everyone was raving about it so I thought I would start it and catch up. Sounds like maybe my first instinct was right.

  5. Just take care of one doctor appointment next week. Put it in your bullet journal and do it! (Consider it modeling good self care for your kids.)

    I can’t advise you in the hair product department. Expensive products are expensive because they’re soooo good!

  6. Definitely second the idea of finding Drs. with before or after work hours. Also, you’ll feel better about making the appointment and going if you know they are good, so ask around for recommendations. You can even ask about before/after hours and appointment availability.

  7. I haven’t been to the gynecologist in maybe four years? I went every single year until then, and never had a weird PAP smear or anything, so I’m not really sure why I haven’t gone. I have an annual physical and mammogram, and I get a colonoscopy every five years because my mother died from colon cancer. Maybe I’ll call today!

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