He is my President. And I will treat him as such.

There’s a hashtag going around #NotMyPresident and at first I was like, “HELL YEAH. HE IS TOTALLY NOT MY PRESIDENT.” But as we get closer and closer to the inauguration I think, He is my President and I need to treat him as such.

I will call him out when he’s not living up to the standards I expect. I will voice my opinion against legislation he supports. I will protest agendas that I do not believe better our country.

And I will even be open to offering him praise if the situation calls for it.

I voiced my distaste for the Obama administration when it pushed for a national ban on smoking in public housing without any coordinating funding for efforts to help those struggling citizens give up this addictive habit. I’ve criticized Obama’s efforts in VA reform as I haven’t felt like it’s been enough and I’ve felt like he’s protested some of the changes I felt were necessary.

He was very much my President. I voted for him twice. And I expected him to serve with dignity and I called my representatives when I wanted to protest or support agendas the President was pushing.

I will hold the next President to the same standards.

Just because I didn’t vote for him, doesn’t make him my President. He is our President and it’s up to us to demand he act as such. We must voice our opinions with our representatives and protest and rise up to fight for the things that we believe in. Just because we call him President doesn’t mean we voted for him or even approve of him in the position. But it does me we hold him accountable and we expect him to meet the standard of decorum that the office deserves.

He is my President. However hard it is for me to accept. And I will spend the next four years making sure I play my part to make sure my voice is heard along every step of the way.

4 thoughts on “He is my President. And I will treat him as such.”

  1. I wish that more people had this attitude. I was 100% against Trump being elected but here we are, and still I’m appalled at the vitriol I see everywhere. Respect the office if not the man; to do otherwise can only weaken our country.

    My workplace has a policy of “disagree and commit” which basically means that if you and your coworkers have conflicting opinions about a decision, everyone needs to get over it and work together for the good of the company. I believe that we can get through this presidency if we disagree and commit, but it will be so much harder if everyone is angry, terrified, and attacking the president and each other.

  2. I hear you and I 100% commend you on your great attitude. Tis a big thing your saying and very dignified of you as I know your personal political leanings from following your tweets. I’m worried for my US friends at the moment,reading their scial media updates and texts back and forth between us going from despair to raw anger and pain. I know its difficult for them, I have a similar problem with Brexit. Not what I voted for, but what can I do, think positive and run with whatever goes and vote for what I beliee in when the opportunity arises ( when this does :(_ not holding my breathe ) . What can we do but sing our songs for what ever we believe in our own corner of the world. Blessings.

  3. I totally agree with you. I’ve always said that we should respect our President no matter whether we voted for him or not. I’m disheartened by the man who was elected, but he is about to become our leader. I’ve listened to my family bash Obama for years and defended him as best I can, reminding them that he’s the president and to be respected. I now have to turn the tables on myself and remember what I said. I’m doing my best, but it’s hard and I know it will get harder. I’m glad to see someone like you (who has been so vocal in her opposition) feel similarly. Thank you for putting this out there.

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