Brief Update:

Saturday and Sunday went MUCH better. I stayed present and calm and caught the warning signs earlier of my anxiety overflowing and took breaks and gave hugs and Nikki and I kicked some butt and took some breaks and now we’re both sick as dogs.

Yep. I’m sick now. The nasty cold with the hacking cough has overtaken me during the LEAST optimum time.

But it’s okay!

Thanks for the suggestions to talk to the buyers about renting the home for a bit longer, this situation isn’t quite adaptable like that as they’re moving in town that weekend and will be homeless without our home! We have to make it work. Somehow.

I got a lot done this weekend, and I feel like it might be possible to get it all done in time, as long as someone can promise me that I can pass out for 24 hours at some point in the near future to recharge. Can someone promise me that?

Anyway. Just wanted to jump in and update everyone. I’m doing better. Still overwhelmed and busy as hell and not sleeping anywhere near as much as I need to be but my anxiety is closer in check and I’m not lashing out on my family anymore. 11 days. We can do this.

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  1. In a strange twist of fate, I will be moving to Alabama soon, and now have to start house-hunting. If it was anywhere near Huntsville I would ask for recommendations, but we’re going to be way farther south. But maybe one day I can come cheer for you at a race, if that’s not too weird!

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