Operation Downsi…OH SHIT.

We got our request for repairs back from our inspection yesterday and it’s all manageable in terms of cost. But…there’s the whole “time” factor that could be a problem. Donnie could do some of it if he had the more hours in his days, but not all of it so we still have to seek outside/professional help and…well…WE CLOSE IN FIFTEEN DAYS.


Do we have a place to live? Nope.

In my head we would just get a 3-bedroom apartment (preferably bottom floor but we would take a townhouse) in our part of town and stay there for six months. But guess what I found out yesterday? THERE ARE NONE AVAILABLE. Well, there are a few but not on the bottom floor and there are only a few so we have to decide FAST. I looked at some yesterday and I’m looking at some today and PLEASE GOD LET ME FIND SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK. I gave up on liking it when I realized how few apartment vacancies there are in our part of town. We’re even looking at 2-bedroom places and will just let one kid sleep in the living room. I had no idea how many full apartments there are.

Wait. Let me back up. There are a few more vacancies if we don’t mind paying more rent than we do currently for our mortgage. WE MIND DOING THAT A LOT. THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN. I can NOT rent an apartment and not at least be saving a little bit of money from when we were paying a mortgage on a 4,000 square foot house, you know? I just can’t bring myself to do it.

So, there are very VERY few vacancies if we want to NOT pay more than our mortgage. We don’t want to adjust the budget to rent an apartment, it would pain us too much.

Basically I need to quit sleeping for the next 15 days so we can repair what’s broken on our house, and then…you know…PACK AND MOVE AND OH MY GOD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!?!?!

All I can say is that I am really glad we have already downsized so much. If we had faced this timeline the first time we tried to sell our house? We would be screwed. Severely.

I have a storage unit I’ve already rented so I’m going to start moving stuff into that this weekend. And I guess I’ll just stop sleeping for the next 15 days. NBD.

Truthfully though? I feel like the weight of the world is starting to lift from my shoulders. I won’t breathe SUPER easy until we close (I work for a real estate company, remember, I’ve heard all of the horror stories) but I am breathing SO MUCH BETTER. So even though I’m writing mid-panic attack, I’m also smiling because Operation Downsize is finally completing the biggest mission of all.

Anyone want to come help me fix shit and/or pack and/or move? Or just come hang out and watching me lose my mind the next 15 days? ITS GOING TO BE A PARTY, Y’ALL.

8 thoughts on “Operation Downsi…OH SHIT.”

  1. So happy for you all! (And still keeping my fingers crossed that all goes to plan).

  2. I had to rent something quickly after my divorce to keep my kid in our school district for a year. I saw a small condo that was for sale by owner. Called them and asked if they would be willing to rent it out instead, and they were. Worked out perfectly. Might not even need to be “by owner” if you have access to real estate listings. If they’ve been on the market for a while, many times the owners will rent it rather than have it sit. Just an idea. Good luck!

  3. Wow, I’m really surprised by this quick close. We sold our house this summer & I was told by our realtor that 6-8 weeks was the minimum closing time now due to some regulation changes at the beginning of 2016. Are they paying cash? Because that would be sweet. Maybe it’s a state-to-state difference. Good luck!!

  4. If you need help with fixing (I can probably do some, not knowing what all you have to do) or moving, holla! I’m always up to helping.

  5. Good for you!! YAY moving. BOO stress of moving. You did what I would do though- put it out into the universe (and your blog, and FB) and your network will deliver unto you just the kind of help you need. It’s so hard to ask- but so worth it. Good luck!

  6. Sending you some positive vibes out into the world! Things will get better!

  7. Inspired by another commenter….would your new owners be willing to rent to you guys for a month or even a couple weeks to help with the transition?

  8. I just caught up on your blog a bit… It’s been a long time… First congrats! . Then just wanted you to know, or mortgage is 747,and the house Chris is renting is 1060! It’s ridiculous. We can’t believe how much rent is.

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