That Time I Got Distracted Talking About Distractions

(I posted a slightly modified version of this post at my bullet journal site too. I’m sorry if you follow both. I AM CHEATING AND DUPLICATING CONTENT.)

I am trying to get a handle on the choas in my life right now. I don’t feel like it’s permanent chaos or else I’d make some changes to remove some of it, so I’m just trying to figure out how to adjust so that I can keep all of the balls in the air without dropping any of them or losing my sanity during this temporary time when chaos is reigning.

I went to a work retreat recently where I heard a speech referencing Time Blocking. This is the idea that you should block out certain times/days to do specific things so you don’t get

I was in the middle of that sentence there ^ and I thought, I have to pee. So I went upstairs and I thought While I’m up here, I should bring down that stuff that needs to go to the street since it’s garbage day. And while I was carrying that stuff to the street I saw the recycle bins from yesterday and thought I need to put those in the back of the house. And while I was back there I thought I need to wheel this one bin to the street too. I did that and then came inside to finish the sentence.

distracted or lose focus.

Let’s all pause for a minute to consider the beautiful timing of that series of events. LITERALLY, all of that happened RIGHT AS I WAS ABOUT TO TYPE THE WORD “distracted.” It suddenly became very meta around here.

ANYWAY. My point? I feel like there’s too much constantly needing to be done in my life and I’m not always focusing efficiently on those things. So I’m trying to start blocking some time. I thought this would be easy at first…so I just mapped out the “ideal” weekday thinking I’d have time leftover to play around with.

HALF OF AN HOUR IS ALL I HAD LEFTOVER. THIRTY MINUTES! And then after staring at that for a bit I realized: Um. I put NO time to write on that schedule. And I like at least an hour of every weekday set aside for just writing. SO, OBVIOUSLY that was not the place to start. I obviously put the cart in front of the horse in terms of Time Blocking. I realized I needed to wrap my head around my life a little more before actually trying to block things out.

So I thought I’d start with listing out the “categories” or so of time that I need make sure gets scheduled.

These are the categories I started with. I’m leaving the list open because even as I’ve been writing this I’ve thought of other “categories” – like “communications”. I want to be more disciplined about setting aside time to touch base with people with personal texts/emails/messages. I also want to give myself time to “get ready” in the morning. I know it sounds silly, but that is SUCH a low priority in my life and I think it shouldn’t be. I think I should take time to look at myself and dress/style in a way that makes me feel good about myself and not just in a rush to get to the next thing. My appearance is often proof that I prioritize myself very last on the List Of People Who Need Care in my life. On the days I take time to put on jewelry or mascara I just feel so much better about myself! So I want that to be a “category” too. I called it “Self Esteem” time.

I think I’ll leave the list open for another day or two to REALLY get a feel on the “categories” in my life. I’m also going to try to log my time to see how long it takes me to do things like grocery shop and meal prep.

AND THEN…THEN…armed with categories and time logs I should be able to build a time blocking schedule that makes sense.

2 thoughts on “That Time I Got Distracted Talking About Distractions”

  1. Have you ever read the If you give a pig a pancake series of books? That is what this entry reminded me of.
    I love all your bullet journaling entries, they remind me I should be using mine more, then maybe I’d be more on top of things.
    One other thing I’ve done for the new year is that I decided to take all social media except twitter and snapchat off of my phone. Twitter stays on because it’s my news source and snapchat because 3 of my 4 kids only communicate with me via snap. If I need to check in on social media, I have to make the effort to either go get my Mac or my iPad and check. Which I can guarantee is going to cut my social media usage by 80%. I still have my groups app on my phone, since I’m active in a couple of groups on FB that make me happy, but that’s it, and I don’t have it sending me any notifications.
    I’ve decided that my word is going to be present. I want to be present in my interactions and connections.

  2. Yay YOU! Very inspiring! I’m going to join you in this. I sort of started a couple days ago by listing out the time WASTERS in my life (Um…Facebook, binge-watching Netflix…) So, I’m going to start by trying to eliminate, or at least cut down the time spent on, those things. But, I like the idea of listing out the categories that need a block, so I will do that today. Thanks! And Good Luck!!

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