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Things I’ve Love Recently

Moonlight – I took myself to see this movie when E took the kids shopping before Christmas. I was prepared for it to be a heart-breaker…and it definitely made me cry…but it still had a haunting yet hopeful feeling to it. The filming was interesting as there were a lot of scenes where you followed the main character walking somewhere, and there were a LOT of close-up face shots which meant all three actors (the movie follows the main character at three different stages in his life) had to be on point with their expressions. I found it almost unsettling in it’s intimacy at times. It definitely deserves the accolades it is getting.

The OA – This is a new Netflix series that – for the record – would also be on my “Things I’ve Hate Recently”. It’s such a conflicting show because there are parts I simply ADORED and can’t stop thinking about, and then the other time I thought I was going to fall out of my chair I was rolling my eyes so hard. The relationships – the friendships between the group The OA is telling her story too and their outside lives? That was amazing. There were several small moments between all of them (I won’t spoil it) that had nothing to do with kidnapping or spirituality or anything…and those moments and stories I just loved. I loved that the sought out a trans male asian boy when that is EXACTLY what the script called for – instead of white-washing, or gender normalizing the casting which is always the “easy” move. But OH MY GOD – so many plot holes and unanswered questions and eye-rolling moments – SO MANY. The suspension of disbelief it required was almost too much at times. And I wanted more non-Prairie moments. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Moana – I suspect I don’t have to link to that one as you all have certainly heard of it. It was lovely. It was a princess story without a love interest which I adored. It was about being strong and having Faith and it was about taking chances and it was just fantastic. Lin-Manuel Miranda did the music (who I love, of course) and I just adored it. I can’t wait to see it again.

Cards Against Humanity – Donnie, E and I played it last night after scoring it from a family Dirty Santa gathering and it was TERRIBLE and HILARIOUS all at the same time. I had to say things out loud I never EVER want to say again and had to do it in front of my KID. But we were all cracking up, it was great. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind having to say terrible things out loud.

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  1. Hee- I got behind and was catching up this morning and wanted to tell you on your last post that you should try Cards Against Humanity for some laughs since I just did the same thing!!! I haven’t laughed that hard…ever?

  2. We played Exploding Kittens at work last week during lunch and laughed our heads off. I’m currently hooked on watching The Man in the High Castle on Amazon.

  3. A favorite memory is playing Cards Against Humanity a couple Christmases ago with our youngest daughter and her husband, everyone happily drunk. Our daughter is very nearly immune to embarrassment, but we made her blush at least 3 times! not to mention everyone laughing until we hurt.

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