Simplifications are not Distractions.

I did a Facebook post yesterday referencing DT’s tweet that said there were “millions of people who voted illegally” and I looked at it as the PERFECT opportunity to remind my DT supporting friends and family that they don’t have to support the man they elected 100% of the time. I even referenced some of my complaints about the Obama administration as examples. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but I guess the rest of the world was screaming “STOP BEING DISTRACTED!” and so now I feel like I need to break things down a little bit because I sometimes feel like people on my side of the political spectrum are unaware of how the other side thinks.

First of all – I’m totally not supportive of our new president and yet…YET…even I get intimidated and confused by some of the pieces written about his business dealings and his Russian connections. Even typing that I feel embarrassed. Are people going to think I’m dumb? If I say some of it is hard to follow do I look ignorant? Am I ignorant?

So me…two degree holding, non-fiction reading, documentary watching, progressive liberal woke white woman sometimes feels intimidated by the anti-Trump press pieces because I have trouble following along.

How in the hell does a Trump supporter feel?

I’ll tell you how they DON’T feel. They don’t see the headlines and think, “Sure. I’ll read that.” And if they do, they’ll get to paragraph 3 and get frustrated (like I do) but because they support the subject of the article they just walk away and refuse to trust the person who shared it or the source that wrote it. Most of them hate all mainstream media already, repeatedly sharing out this stuff is not changing minds.

And do you know what my goal is? To open up the possibility that DT might have faults.

Do I think I can turn my Trump supporting friends and family into haters? No. And honestly? I’m not sure that’s what the country needs. What I want is for his supporters in my life who have doubled down now, I just want them to loosen their grip. I want them to be willing to see his faults. I’m not looking big picture, I’m just looking at my small circle of influence. I want people who voted for him to be willing to see that sometimes – just maybe – he’s not behaving in a way they can support. And am I going to do that sharing out articles about his Russian ties or Conflict of interests? No. Because they’re not reading it.

But maybe…just maybe…if I share out a tweet of 140 characters of his own words that are undeniably WRONG…maybe they’ll be willing to see he has faults? I’m not talking about changing the shift of the Republican party, I’m just talking about the few people in my life maybe being willing to at least admit he has faults. Then maybe we can communicate again. Now it’s very “us v/s them” and in my personal life I’m not looking forward to four years of that attitude. On a national level I’m joining political groups in town and creating action items, but personally? I just want to open up dialog on the possibility that maybe – just maybe – DT does stuff they don’t like sometimes.

Some days I get yelled at by people on MY side. I’ve actually been yelled at a lot. They think now is NOT the time to use kid gloves. We have to call out the misogyny and the racism! And on my public twitter platform? I do. And on my blog I talk about it a lot. But on my personal Facebook page? I’m thinking about the REAL faces reading my words. The REAL people. The people who would bring me food if a family member died. They people who would mow my grass if I was sick or injured. The people who would contribute to my kid’s fundraiser or help me pay a bill if I was jobless. THOSE people also voted for Trump and in your world maybe you can just dismiss all of those people, but in my world? I’d like to find a way to work WITH them. But I can’t while they’re nursing bruised egos from voting AGAINST Hillary. That’s all most of them did, voted AGAINST her. And now they’re having to support DT and they’re scrambling. I’m hoping to reach out to them and just remind them that I had problems with my guy too. It’s okay. Let’s start there.

One thought on “Simplifications are not Distractions.”

  1. Perhaps not calling them DT’s faults, maybe it could be about political discourse and that just because you voted for a person doesn’t mean you agree with everything he says. And if you disagree with him doesn’t mean you have gone to the “other side.” So perhaps it is just willing to consider that a person could have a different point of view on some issues than the political person. Not that the political person is “wrong” or at “fault.” it feels like a little bit easier side step maybe?
    You are doing a great job walking this line! Keep it up. I agree with you it can’t all be about big protests. If people shut down and don’t hear/read anything you say then a big loud protest is not going to help. A light has been shone on all of the underbelly of the US – the shadow side of us we didn’t want anyone to see and hoped wasn’t really there – but now it is out there and we can see where help is needed. Keep going Miss Zoot!

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