A Simple Thanksgiving.

I would like to say that I forgot to post yesterday (DAMN YOU, NABLOPOMO!) because we were traveling or had tons of family in. But the truth is – we had the most simple and laid back Thanksgiving in the history of all Thanksgivings.

This is the year of the BIG family gathering (they do it every other year) with Donnie’s family in Louisiana but we decided several months ago we wouldn’t make the trip. We had several other travel plans in November and early December and we weren’t looking forward to more. But, we also knew we might get one day with E as he works retail and our chances were better to eat with him, if we stayed home.

So! E came in after work Wednesday night and then left Thursday night so he could work Black Friday.

We went out about 10am Thursday morning to do a few casual and quick family pictures with a tripod. Nothing fancy, it only took about 20 minutes, just enough so that we’ll have some pics for the Christmas card and so I’ll have a recent group shot in case E’s dreams come true and he gets a job offer as soon as he graduates in May.

(Let me know if you have any job openings for a Mass Communication major! Preferably NOT in Alabama!)

(Preferably to HIM, not to ME, of course.)

Since the majority of our family doesn’t eat meat, and since Donnie decreed he doesn’t even like us buying it (I’ve always kinda felt the same way, honestly) then we had no Turkey to fret about. I try to eat mostly vegan but I didn’t want that to eliminate things like Mac-n-cheese or creamy mashed potatoes from the meal, so I basically cooked TWO dinners, one for me and one for them. I did order two of the “THEM” dishes from my friend, but the rest I did myself! And it turned out lovely.

I also achieved my goal since we only had 5 people at our 8 person table – of getting all of the food on the table with us! I’ve never done that before, we usually serve in the kitchen. But this was nice! The food was all right there and it made a killer pre-meal photo.


I even timed everything but the saffron rice perfectly. That was not ready in time but I made so much other stuff I didn’t worry about it. Everything else was hot and ready all at the same time! Score!

We chilled out for a bit after the meal and then headed to see Fantastic Beasts as a family at our favorite theater in town – the one with the full recliners. It was LOVELY. The guy next to me fell asleep and snored a bit, but other than that? LOVELY. It was just a sweet movie with some amazing glimpses into the different magical world in the USA. I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted – more to love. And it felt much more like JKRowling creation than Cursed Child did – not that I didn’t like Cursed Child – but this movie just felt like a seamless part of the her world. I felt HER in the movie, you know?

So we didn’t travel. We didn’t have any out-of-town guests (E doens’t count as he has a room here) and we didn’t cook a turkey. It was the simplest Thanksgiving ever and it was also just lovely. I love my family dearly and one of you mentioned in an email discussion about our problems with Wesley that sometimes you have to “circle the wagons” to protect your own. I’ve been feeling that more and more lately, that we are building our own safe places in our family and it’s just a great feeling to have a day full of just that.


4 thoughts on “A Simple Thanksgiving.”

  1. That looks lovely! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    I swung by to leave a comment re: mass communications jobs. I don’t know how much help this will be, but after I graduated with a BComm (journalism major) using indeed.com with a variety of keyword searches was very, very helpful. The site essentially does all the hard work for you! Also, keeping it broad is about the best advice I can give. I feel like my classmates had a tendency to pigeonhole themselves and *only* want to accept jobs in *certain* industries or with specific duties/responsibilities. The best thing to do post-grad is to find something related to your degree and start getting the experience needed to expand at a later date. I’ve worked in corporate communications, media relations, public relations, not-for-profit, retail and health care. I’ve worked for a textile company, an oil and gas company, an events company, an ad agency and a health care provider. There’s no shame in job hopping any more, so don’t be afraid to get as much experience in as many areas as possible to see what you really enjoy!

    Like I said, I don’t know if that’s helpful, but wishing E the best of luck 🙂 I’m sure he’ll find something great!

  2. We were supposed to fly to western NY last week to be with my family and see his brother. Bronchitis type ailments don’t do well on planes, and he had one, so we cancelled. Plus that I hadn’t been in the mood for crowds and large groups lately. My daughter invited us down to her house in Helena, but told us we had planned low key and tare going to keep it that way. Fine with us. They were cooking Duck fried rice, and since I won’t eat things that quack, I made a turkey and stuffing and veggies casserole. Everything was delicious and we enjoyed the company. Next year we’ll shoot for the big family feast in NY, as I haven’t been there for Holidays in roughly 20 years.

  3. I’m glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. We always do very low-key holidays, with just me and the husband (and now the cats), and I do NOT miss the stress AT ALL.

  4. I’m so happy to read about your small, loving, happy Thanksgiving. It is exactly what your family needed and the love shines through the photos and your writing. Love to you and your family today and always.

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