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So, I did survive the DizzyMonkey. I crossed both finish lines in decent condition. But since I was woefully undertrained and since I might have made a bad sock decision, I have feet that look like ground beef they are so beat up and I can’t walk very well and also my stomach is screaming at me, “WHAT IS WITH ALL OF THE WEIRD STUFF YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY THIS WEEKEND?”

Sometimes during a race something looks really delicious. Like a peanut butter bagel. Or a handful of peanut butter pretzels. Or vanilla oreos. Or sugar wafers. Or donut holes. Or…

You get the point.

You eat things you don’t normally eat because something inside of you sees it and say: THAT! I MUST HAVE THAT IN MY BODY RIGHT NOW!

And none of it fought me in the moment or during the races (Thank God) – I think your body kinda makes you eat what it wants: Sugar, Salts, Fats etc. But this morning? My tummy is all sorts of…UGGGGGG…

I did draw the link at the shots of whiskey though.

Yes. There were opportunities to do shots of whiskey. I will not tell when or where…but it was offered and some people I knew took advantage. I decided that since I hadn’t done a shot of whiskey since I was – like 23? I should probably refrain during a weekend of ultra running.

I’m sticking around the house this morning and going into work late to try to maybe sleep a little but mostly to let my stomach settle down a bit. Also hoping to spend some time with the kids since I didn’t see them at all this weekend. I’m glad this week is Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I could pull off a full work-week after a weekend like this.

Thanks again for cheering me on. It was truly a great weekend where I proved I always have more potential then I believe I have.

Maybe the giant celebratory beer last night wasn't the best thing to put on my stomach either...
Maybe the giant celebratory beer last night wasn’t the best thing to put on my stomach either…

2 thoughts on “Ouch.”

  1. Did you enjoy Monkey? I did it in 2014 (my first and only full) and even though it was awesome, I swore that I’d never do it again. However, I’m starting to get the itch and contemplating next year…

  2. This is my second and I think I’ll try to do it every year! I love it! But I don’t run ANY BIT OF ANY HILL. I walk them ALL and do the early start so I can still make the deadline 🙂

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