Phoning It In With A Post Bragging About Myself

I’ve done really well posting some quality content in the last week, don’t you think? Well…let’s keep that in mind because today I’m up at 3am (again) to try to catch up on life (again) and today’s entry is going to take minimal time and minimal effort and absolutely zero brain power. I haven’t even had time in the last week to run or do boot camp and that sucks because I have a big race weekend coming up! Totally unprepared! Woo! I do want to share something with you guys though…I was given an award!


I’m on the board of our local track club and I was elected to the position last year and my primarily job has been to work to get the new website launched…which we did! I worked alongside our President who is one of those people who I’m convinced has a deal with the devil to get more hours in a day than I do. The award I got was one chosen for and given by him. It was awesome. He gave the best speech and I wish I had known he was talking about ME in the early parts of it because it took awhile for things to started clicking in my brain (I think I perked up when he said, “She’s not the fastest runner…” hee) but I know that once I tuned in thinking WAIT. THIS SOUNDS LIKE ME everything was so complimentary. I cried, of course. That’s how I roll.

Anyway…I have put in a lot of hours (still so much more to do – one of the million obligations I’m behind on this week) and would do it again even without the award. BUT STILL. So cool.

6 thoughts on “Phoning It In With A Post Bragging About Myself”

  1. It is these kind of things that really let us know how impactful we are to others- and YOU ARE…in cyberspace and IRL


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