Making A Plan

Just in case there was any confusion – I do want to say I’m totally wearing a safety pin, I’m just making sure it’s not ALL that I do. And on that note, I thought I’d share with you guys my “plan” for action as it stands now.

I’m looking at paths to combat what negative could come from a Trump Presidency in 5 different avenues. I made a silly little graphic to use in a Facebook event I’ll show you here:


This is kinda my current breakdown and what I’m bringing to a local meeting so we can gather resources/ideas/ect.

1) MONITOR LEGISLATION: This is where I’m the most ignorant. What are the best ways to monitor legislation? When do we rally the troops to storm the gates? Do we wait until the final vote? Do we interject a million phone calls during the committee phases? In my group I’m hoping to find someone – a Senator or member of Congress – who can kinda coach this. What is the best way to keep an eye on things and when do we take action when we see something we don’t like?

2) INTRODUCE CANDIDATES: We all probably know someone who could (or should) actually be involved in politics. I’m hoping in our community we can find those people and help them get into the machine. This may not be necessary in your area where you already have Progressive candidates successfully getting elected, but Democrats and Alabama do not seem to mix anymore in the majority of the state.

3) MAKE OUR VOICE AVAILABLE: Many of us have the privilege of loud voices in certain circles, how do we make those voices available to those no one will listen to? I’m thinking everything from: Fixing playground equipment in city parks in poor neighborhoods to improving library function in the same neighborhoods. Maybe our local abortion clinic needs escorts? Maybe the Islamic Center is getting hate mail and we need to send a batch of supportive mail? How do we use what I like to call “Our Privileged White Lady” voices to help the disenfranchised?

4) SPREAD JOY AND LOVE: This one is easy but super-important. How do we combat the hate? In what ways can we promote love and kindness and empathy and acceptance?

5) SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS: This is both of the non-profit variety (like PFLAG and HIC and FREE2BE if you live in Huntsville) and finding business run by people on “our side” so to speak. How do we identify those businesses and make sure we’re all spending mindfully? I’m thinking supporting women-owned and minority-owned businesses but also just helping people vocal to the cause that may be seeing a negative backlash. How do we support charities that are helping the communities being hurt?

I spent last night kinda building this for a meeting we have coming up this week and I just thought I’d share. Our meeting is first a “brainstorming” type meeting using these type of approaches as a guide. Maybe you want to do something similar in your community!

4 thoughts on “Making A Plan”

  1. I love this. One of my personal plans for 2017 that falls under the “Amplify” you brought up in an earlier post is to only purchase books that are written by authors of color or LGBTQ. I am a self proclaimed book worm who has only recently realized just how white and straight my bookshelves are. I am not under any delusion that this will make a difference on a grander scale but it will make a difference in broadening horizons for myself and my kids. A friend owns a book shop and I got some great recommendations from her. I also like this a lot:

  2. I love this Kim. I live in a blue state (Washington), but I too decided that this election is my action call. Next week I’m going to a city council meeting and asking to sit on one of the commissions. My goal is to run for city council next session, but I want experience first. Where all of that will take me, I don’t know, but I figure it’s a good first step.

    As for the other things on your list, these were great action items for me to think about. I’m great at researching, so here is what I found:

    – US legislation tracking: (allows you to get alerts about a subject area or drill down to more narrow interest areas), (info about how to track via Thomas)

    -State legislation tracking:,

    Hope that helps!

  3. I’ve been thinking about this all day, so I came back to share some things I found. The first was the link Jennifer provided about how to talk to your rep. The link I have includes one more tweet about a podcast she was on: I also found this list of actions to take based on any specific rights issues you might be facing: While I didn’t think any would apply to me, I found the suggestions for advocates useful, and have decided to make an HPV vaccination appointment for my 10 year old son instead of waiting until he is 11.

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