What We’re Eating!

We’ve had a great weekend in Chattanooga walking and eating and drinking WAAAY too much beer. (Seriously. I’m detoxing this week to save my liver.)

I wanted to share some of the cool eateries we’ve visited to keep up with the NaBloPoMo daily posting requirements.

Five Bar – We went there for drinks and it was a nice atmosphere with small but good menu. They also support a charity that feeds the hungry with a percentage of all purchases, so that’s cool.

Taconooga – If you’re local to Huntsville this place felt just like the Original Bandito Burrito. We had fried cactus which was AMAZING. Good, simple, authentic Mexican food.

Cashew Vegan Cafe – This is a standard stop for me in Chattanooga. I love their nachos.

Sluggo’s Vegetarian Cafe – This was a new try for us and it was great. HUGE variety on the menu and tons of interesting things. Nice atmosphere…I just felt cool being there.


One thought on “What We’re Eating!”

  1. Thank you for the round up, I kept seeing your food pics and wanting to know which they were for any future trips to Chattanooga. 🙂

    It’s nice to have all in one spot!

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