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Why #ImWithHer

I updated my profile picture temporarily on Facebook this morning. I’m open about my politics, who I’m voting for will surprise no one, but I wanted to make this one last declaration before voting day. This is the text I included with the picture:

  • Because SCOTUS is important. It ruled last year to make marriage legal for all of my children in every state. I want a SCOTUS that could overturn Citizens United, reinstate voting rights, and protect a woman’s right to choose.
  • Because I believe the ACA is not perfect, but it helps us move in the right direction and Clinton’s plan is much better by comparison
  • Because I believe we MUST act on Climate change NOW and Clinton had been the only candidate to really address this repeatedly on the campaign trail.
  • Because I believe in criminal justice reform so we don’t continue to see young men like Kalief Browder destroyed by a faulty system.
  • Because I want to reduce the number of abortions in this country and global studies have shown making it illegal doesn’t seem to impact numbers like people expect whereas Clinton’s plans to help the poor and improve healthcare, increase access to birth control, and increased medical leave will actually reduce abortions overall.
  • Because we need to improve mental healthcare in this country so that our Police aren’t the only response to people in mental health crisis.
  • Because I believe there is no comparison in tax plans…Clintons is worlds better for our entire country.</li
  • Because we need a path to citizenship for people who have grown up in this country and know nothing else.
  • Because I trust our refugee vetting process and believe it is our job to continue and expand refugee support for war-torn countries.
  • Because she’s not perfect but she’s willing to admit mistakes and change position if needed.
  • Because I’m a healthy middle-class cisgender white woman in a heterosexual marriage with a white man and I probably have nothing major to lose if the other guy wins. But my Muslim friends…my friends with brown skin…my gay family…my friends with pre-existing health conditions…my neighbors suffering in poverty…my friends of reproductive age who have had to make the terrible decision to terminate a pregnancy…my immigrant friends…they all have so much to lose and to ignore that would be a crime against the people I love.
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8 thoughts on “Why #ImWithHer”

  1. While I don’t support your candidate, I totally respect the way you have laid out your reasons for supporting her.

    No bashing the other guy, digging up dirt or throwing insults to the other side. Just laying out her policies and plans and why you agree with them.

    Thank you for that!

  2. I just wish I’d thought of this before: “Zoot For President”!!!! Thank you so much for articulating SO PERFECTLY what rattles around in my by brain. Thank you for taking the time to synthesize my “BECAUSE IT MATTERS, PEOPLE!!” desperation!!! I’m posting this on my FB right this second!!!!! You’re the bomb, Kim!

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