100 Smiles.

Have you ever set your sight on something in the future that ended up not happening…maybe a vacation cancelled due to illness or a promotion unreceived? If so, then you know disappointment and sadness and frustration from those unseen plans. That is exactly what Donnie is feeling all this week as he cancelled his plans to run the race he’s been training and planning for, for 9 months. 9 months of training, coaching, gear etc. It’s a lot of time and money spent on something not happening and it’s a hard thing to deal with.

Now, imagine your family went on that vacation without you. Or your best friend got that promotion instead of you. Imagine that conflicted feeling of wanting to enjoy your loved ones’ happiness but the constant reminder of your missed experience is just staring you in the face. That’s what he’s going to be dealing with this weekend as so many of our friends are running or crewing the race he’s not running.

THIS is why we immediately shifted plans to go to Chattanooga instead. We already had childcare taken care of for the weekend, so this was a pretty easy decision to make. Now we focus on trying to overwrite the instict for sadness over missed plans and instead have joy over an Anniversary Trip! That’s what we’re calling it since our Anniversary was just 2 weeks ago. We’re going to explore our favorite city and eat and drink and be merry! And I’ve decided that instead of the weekend of 100 Miles, we’re rebranding it. It is now the weekend of 100 Smiles!

We need it after this shitty week. Nikki did end up having a concussion, but once they gave her Zofran yesterday for her nausea (and ruled out any brain bleeding) she was able to eat and finally started feeling better. By bedtime last night she was a new woman, back to her old self. She’ll return to school today but no PE.

Dead Cat. Concussed Child. Cancelled Race. We SO VERY MUCH need this weekend!


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  1. Yes, please enjoy yourselves. You definitely deserve it after the week you’ve had!

  2. If you haven’t booked a room yet (or want to change that). There is a B&B on Lookout mountain that we love to stay at. Its called the Chanticleer and is right across from Rock City. If you don’t know the city, there is a lot to do. Of course there is the Aquarium and rock city and Ruby Falls (not impressed). There also lots of other lesser known things.There are caverns at Raccoon Mountain. They have an arboretum. If you belong to Botanical Garden here, they have a reciprocity agreement so its free. This time of year might be a good time for old train ride or boat ride. The colors should be out- On that note , if you go on the boat DO NOT buy the package that includes dinner. Eat before or after.Have fun- Chattanooga is the best weekend getaway place there is

  3. Chanticleer was one of the first places we looked! Everything is booked because its the Regatta weekend. We love Chattanooga. We know relatively well, I think we’re going to Signal Mountain and then spend some time downtown this time. We love Racoon Mountain!

  4. Totally know what that is like. It was our ten year anniversary this year and we had a kid-free trip to Spain planned to celebrate. We dropped our daughter off at my parents’ and headed to the airport. At the airport, we sat and sat…our flight got delayed, and then eventually canceled. When we tried to get on the next one out, we learned that there was basically no way for us to get to Barcelona without losing two days of our trip. We were already working with an already tight time frame because of childcare issues, and if we cut two days off the beginning of the trip, we’d really be rushed. SO…we made the spur of the moment decision to cancel it. It was one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever made because we were so looking forward to it. We seriously sat at the airport and cried. BUT, we decided to try to make the best of it. We drove home (leaving our daughter with my parents–not gonna pass up free childcare!) and cried some more, but then we rallied and decided we were going to hop in the car and go SOMEWHERE. We ended up driving to Asheville, NC for a couple of days and then onto Savannah, GA and Tybee Island for another couple of days. Was it the ten year anniversary trip that we had planned? No. But we were together and we had a blast, and we know that we have the rest of our lives to go to Spain at a time when it works.
    So I know it sucks super hard, but I hope you guys have a wonderful time this weekend!

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