I’m Stealing My Mom’s Good News

UGGGGG. This week, y’all.

First, we’ve been recovering from some shitty parenting days for about 2 weeks as I put the call out last week for some of you to email me if you’ve parented a child like Wesley. That’s going well, but it left behind just an unsettling negative undercurrent in our lives. Then, Donnie’s recurring knee injury was showing it’s face and he made the decision Tuesday to NOT run the Pinhoti 100 this weekend. A race he’s been training for, for 9 months. He’s spent money on coaching, he’s run hundreds and hundreds of miles, we put together a fine team of good people, we bought super-fancy headlamps…all of it and he can’t see it to the end now. And he’s DEVASTATED. I did quickly plan a weekend away to Chattanooga to help distract him, but still. HE IS BROKEN HEARTED, on top of the parenting funk we’ve been feeling for two weeks.

THEN! Bambi got sick fast and we had to put her to sleep yesterday. I suffered that burden alone because A) She was my cat and I felt I owed bravery that to him for 17+ years of love he gave me and B) Donnie doesn’t need any more shit, jeezus. Give him a break Universe!

THEN! Last night Nikki got tripped up on a fast rush to the ball in a game and there was a bunch of bodies and next thing she’s hitting the ground fast, butt first, then head. The story goes her head bounced, although my angle was off so it looked to me like she got kicked. Either way, she was immediately screaming and grabbing her head. And of course, because we’ve had a string of bad luck with Nikki and refs this year, the game continued while Donnie and I just watched in silence as she’s holding her head and screaming. It was the weirdest few minutes of any soccer game because we’re just watching and waiting for something to happen but the game is still going and it hits me: Parents all along the sidelines are screaming, “STOP THE GAME! There’s a hurt player!”

(Thank you, parents. I’ve trained myself to go silent when my kid gets hurt because I tend to overreact and be embarrassing.)

Eventually they stopped the game and we let the coaches to to her, she was still crying. They got her off the field and she’s STILL crying. Donnie went over and the game ended and she was STILL CRYING. And so commenced concussion watch 2016. I’m not overexaggerating when I say that any form of head injury should always be taken extremely seriously, no matter the circumstances. However, it is worth knowing that some forms of head injury, such as ones suffered in car accidents, can leave you with legal grounds to receive compensation. Institutions such as Batta Fulkerson Law Group have dealt with many cases involving head injuries and they may be worth looking towards if you are on the end of one.

(Donnie made sure to talk to the ref about not stopping the game. The ref said the only stop the game if the hurt player is in danger – which I guess he didn’t think she was since the play was continuing far away. My husband pointed out that she’s 11 and this is a rec league so ANY head injury means a player is in danger.)

We eventually got her calmed down and decided she probably has a mild concussion but no need for an ER. We did follow the guideslines though and wake her up ever 2-3 hours to make sure she was responsive. I’ll have to get her to a doctor today because they won’t let her play without permission from her Pediatrician or an ER. She was hurting so bad last night (and SUPER-sensitive to light) that I doubt they’re going to clear her to play, but we’re going to take her anyway.


I did wake up at 3:20am to find the Cubs won. I’m not a baseball person but my Mom always has been and has always been a Cubs fan. We took her to see the Cubs play the Braves 10+ years ago. So, I’m going to focus on that today. My Mom is going to wake up either A) EXHAUSTED because she stayed up WAY TOO LATE to watch the game or B) THRILLED to the news. So! I’m stealing her good news and claiming it as my own since we need it today! Congrats to my Mom and Cubs fans everywhere!


7 thoughts on “I’m Stealing My Mom’s Good News”

  1. Huge New York Yankees fans here, but we stayed up to watch the game (we spent 5 days in Chicago this summer and fell in love with the city)!

    Hope Nikki is okay this morning. I think you should call the head of the rec league about her injury. I once witnessed bullying by my son’s coach (directed at a teenaged boy running the clock) and I made sure to report it. They took it very seriously and I felt better knowing at the very least it would be looked into (I also spoke to the teenager to let him know that what I had witnessed wasn’t right and that I had been impressed by the way he handled the situation).

  2. Goodness gracious, I can’t imagine them not stopping a game after a kid injured their HEAD. Head injuries are serious! And it’s just a GAME! Pretty sure I wouldn’t let any nonexistent kids of mine play sports; people get way too crazy and common sense just flies out the window. Glad you’re taking it seriously, at least. Hope Nikki’s feeling better soon.

  3. My kid had a concussion 2 summers ago – he was knocked out for only a few seconds, but he didn’t remember what happened, felt nauseous, and was clearly confused/disoriented. We went right to the ER, but it was pretty much the protocol you did (the pediatrician at the ER said they don’t typically do more testing like CAT scans or MRI’s unless the symptoms get worse). He was off soccer & all active activities (no camp, no swimming/running) until Every Single Symptom was gone – it took 2-3 weeks, I think. He had lots of headaches, slept more, and was generally not himself for much, much longer than I expected. So, maybe your schedule will get a break with some forced rest & no soccer. And don’t even get me started on youth soccer ref’s lately…we had a really bad game where the other team was super rough and the refs let too much go.

  4. Ug I’m sorry about your week.

    Sort of related: at our neighborhood park I watched a coach scream at 4/5 year olds as they were running bases during practice. “Faster! Faster! You can’t slow down! Go go go!” Basically in your face boot camp style. One of the kids collapsed in tears near his mom – turned out to be the coach’s son. Oh boy, poor kid. I was completely aghast but none of the parents seemed to mind. I was tempted to ask what league it was so I can be sure never to sign my son up with them… He was holding my hand at the time and he was scared just watching.

    I hope things with Wes improve soon. I’m in a really hard stage with my 3 year old (on the verge of a possible ASD diagnosis) and some days just feel so bleak.

  5. Holy CRAP. That rule sounds ridiculous in the first place, they’re KIDS, but if there’s a time to break a rule, A HEAD INJURY IS IT.

    Plus, that’s a really dumb rule that will encourage rough play.

    I’m sorry things were shitty. I hope they are looking a little better this weekend.

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