National Blog Posting Month!

It’s that time! Time for me to attempt to write a blog post every day for the month of November! I’ve done this every years since…2004? 2005? And I’ve probably been about half successful. And I almost started this year off by skipping because we’re out of coffee so I’m having to drink Diet Coke to start my morning and that just throws me ALL OFF. I blog while I drink coffee! How can I blog without it?

Then I couldn’t find my car keys that were lost in the Halloween shuffle. Oh…speaking of Halloween!



Wesley was his favorite YouTuber: DanTDM. You either know him and will be all: “OMG! THEY MAKE COSTUMES OF YOUTUBERS?” Or you’ll roll your eyes and be all, “OMG. THEY MAKE COSTUMES OF YOUTUBERS?”

It was 88 degrees here though, so those costumes were HOT AS HELL. The trick-or-treating didn’t last long as parts of the costumes just kept coming off in desperation.

Also adding to the choas? Bambi is totes sick, y’all.

These are pictures from 2002 I dug out because I was sad that he might not come home from the vet.



We all (including the vet) thought he was suffering from organ failure due to an onset of some crazy symptoms. BUT! His blood levels look better than some 2yo cats! (He’s 17-18.) However, it still doesn’t takeaway that he’s sick, losing weight, erratic, losing hair, and sometimes sleeping in his water bowl. So, he stayed at the vet overnight and we’re not hopeful as, you know, he’s 18. He’s old. We’ve been down the, “Make the decision” road before. It’s not a fun road to be on, but we’ll see. Think about sweet Bambi, if you can.

Happy NaBloPoMo! Finger’s crossed I make it!

7 thoughts on “National Blog Posting Month!”

  1. I am so sorry Bambi is sick! It is such a hard decision, one of the worst, when you have to decide what to do for a beloved animal. I’ll be thinking about him and all of you.

  2. Thinking about Bambi! I had a cat get sick enough to fall asleep in his water/food dish. It’s very scary when pets are sick because they can’t tell you what’s wrong.

  3. Best of luck this month with the posting!

    And, I totally know what you’re going through with your kitty. We just had to put ours to sleep on Friday, and it just about killed the two of us. I can’t imagine having to go through with that decision with kids involved. Sending Bambi some healing vibes and y’all some hugs.

  4. I’m doing NaBloPoMo again this year too! And I’m so sorry to hear about Bambi – that’s a terrible decision to have to make.

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