Harry Potter Tribute Cakes and POTUS

First? Let’s talk about the cake I made Nikki. I am creative but not crafty so this was the PERFECT Harry Potter tribute for me to pull off.


Seccond? Let’s talk about my daughter and her BFF…President Obama.

Remember when she first wrote him three years ago? He responded with a letter and some token Bo and Sonny Obama stuff. Well, she wrote him recently again about LGBTQ equality and he wrote her again yesterday!


This time the letter specifically addressed equality and she was SUPER excited. We’re inviting the Obamas to E’s graduation in May since were totes BFFs now.

That’s all I got today. Wesley was up with leg cramps and I’m still trying to pull off boot camp AND running in the mornings before work.

By the way – thank you for all of you who emailed me to discuss kids/anger as I requested on Monday. I’m about halfway through replying back. I really appreciate you all letting me vent/unload on you. You all are often my salvation in making me feel less alone.

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  1. We invited the Obamas to our 2012 wedding, and received a lovely (form) letter congratulating us and wishing us a lifetime of happiness. I had it framed immediately and it’ll hang on my wall forever and ever.

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