Photos and a Question.

I did a lot this weekend. I failed at a marathon. Took a girl’s trip with Nikki. And celebrated her birthday with some family. Unfortunately I also have my FIRST DAY OF BOOT CAMP TODAY ACCCK! And I want to try to get there early to run a bit first so I have no time to write about my adventures. I’m going to just give you a FEW pictures as a place holder but there are STORIES TO TELL!





Finally – unrelated. Those of you who have heard me talk about our behavioral challenges with Wesley (anxiety triggering severe anger) can you email me if you had a similarly challenged child? I have a question I want to pose to the audience but at this point I don’t like dumping his stuff on my blog anymore since he’s gotten older. But I could really use some counsel, so those of you who have reached out with great advice in the past – I’d love to ask your advice! (Especially if you’ve made it through the other side of the war.)


3 thoughts on “Photos and a Question.”

  1. Hey Kim, I don’t think you failed at the Wade Mountain marathon by no means. I mean, by the time I came in the parking lot was pretty much empty!! That course was pretty tough considering the number of loops and turns up and down Wade Mountain. ?

  2. Kim, you didn’t fail at Wade Mountain. It was harder than we all thought it would be! My time was only 3 min faster than my first Dizzy and it felt harder than Dizzy, with all the up and down and all the rocks. Plus remember, you’d planned it as a training run, and with all the other stuff on your plate that day, I think it made sense to bail. It wasn’t your day and sometimes it is better to cut a training run short so you can do other things! Instead of feeling like you failed, you can say that you won the Wade Mountain 15.8 miler! ?

  3. I have an anxiety=anger kid. His is normally directed at his classmates and he’s about to get kicked out of his private school and I am beside myself. So whatever brain trust you come up with I want to be included. I’m out of ideas and patience and I’m at my wits end.

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