Let’s Reward Ourselves

My friend shared a link to these pins on Facebook. They’re going on sale on Monday and I have decided that we all need to be lined up to buy some for ourselves. If you can’t see the photo they are pretty enamel pins that say things like,

“I survived indescribable grief”
“Put myself first”
“Didn’t please everyone”
“Saved my own life”
“Proved myself wrong”
“Unfriended a racist”
“Loved myself”
“Got Sober”


This is what we need more of in our lives. All of us. We need to look at the big things that don’t show up in our physical existence. You can tell if I lost weight. You can see if I got a better paying job. You know if I got married or had a kid. You can see if I graduated from college or bought a new house.

But you know what you can’t see? That I finally stopped crying and got out of bed the other day. You just saw me at the store and didn’t realize the giant mountain I had to climb to get there. You didn’t know that I put on jewelry today to make myself smile and to bring light to myself in the darkness. You didn’t know that I bought those mala prayer beads so I can assign myself affirming mantras to say when I feel overwhelmed. All of these GIANT THINGS we don’t really get credit for because the outside world can’t see them.

And you know what I say? I say we TELL the outside world by wearing these pins. I LOVED MYSELF TODAY. And if you’ve spent days/weeks/months/years hating yourself? Loving yourself for ONE DAY deserves a graduation gown and a celebratory cruise. These are HUGE THINGS and we need to remind ourselves of that.

So on Monday, I’ll buy buying some so I can be proud of the big things I’ve done in my life that no one can see.

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