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Just venting.

I sat down this morning to write yet ANOTHER set of words defending Trump supporters as complex humans who are more than just their politics. I’ve done it a lot on Facebook and some here. I always feel the need to do it when I see an upsurge of FB statuses that say, “I can’t be friends with you if you’re voting for Trump.” Those statuses always make me sad because I think of the positive things my Trump supporting friends and family have added to my life that have nothing to do with politics. So I follow that upsurge with a status or a blog post reminding people that humans are complex and made up of more than just their political views. We shouldn’t block big groups of people out of our lives in blanket motions like that.

But it’s so hard. I mean, I’m not sure the feelings are reciprocated because there is SO MUCH hatred of Clinton in my circle and a lot of the people who are voting for Trump are incredibly vocal about hating Clinton and I’m a sensitive little flower and I get my feelings hurt and I get defensive and I want to defend myself as a Clinton supporter but then that is pointless and I find myself posting more diplomatic statuses encouraging people to see others as complex humans worth of love regardless of their politics.

Even though I’m not sure everyone on the other side feels that way about me.

So I don’t stand up to anyone, but I defend everyone. And some days, like today, I just feel defeated.

I get frustrated that people are comparing Trump to Bill Clinton, because Bill Clinton is not running for President.

I get frustrated that the “soft spot” blow of conservatives is always about abortion and I keep seeing things like, “You say Hillary is for the kids, but how can she be for the kids if she supports abortion?”

I get frustrated that it’s assumed my support of Clinton is because I’ve been “brainwashed by liberal media” like I am not capable of discerning my views successfully on my own merit.

I get frustrated when I promote fact-checking and then get corrected that fact-checking is bad because it can be used to distort truths.

I get frustrated when people look at President Obama’s tenure as a 100% failure. Like he has driven the country into the ground the last 8 years. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING.

So I guess I’m just venting today.

And to make myself feel better I bought this shirt.


Thanks for listening to me vent.

5 thoughts on “Just venting.”

  1. I feel you. although, I just admit I have come VERY close to posting one of those “just unfriend me now” posts.
    also, I need that shirt, too. think I’ll order one right now.

  2. Just remember, election season is ALMOST over and then the polarizing insanity infecting everyone will calm down for another four years.

  3. I feel for you. A family member of mine posts vile posts about Hillary Clinton and love for Donald Trump usually multiple times a day. I ignore them ALL for the last couple of months because the few times I tried to have a civil conversation with her about them, she jumped to attack Hillary (repeating the same talking points over and over, ones that have been proven to be either completely false or embellished greatly). When I tried to gently suggest she look at a fact checking site, she blasts those as well. If I post something along the lines of “this is one reason why I won’t vote for Donald Trump” and link to an article, she pounces and then goes on her own page to post memes mocking liberals and calling them stupid. It’s so disheartening!
    Like another said, the election will be over soon and then the insanity will die down. But, the problem is that I’m still going to remember those hurtful memes. I’m going to remember that this family member who is supposed to love me, shares things mocking me. I don’t post that sort of thing. I don’t think I’d ever share a post that says, “Republicans (fill in the blank)” because they’re not ALL the same. Yet, she posts “Liberals are (morons, idiots, stupid, etc.)” I don’t see how anyone can post those things when they know their own family, who has always treated them very well – given them a place to live, money every single time they’ve asked for it (too often) and never said a harsh word to them. I’ll never be able to look at her the same way again. This election has done so much damage to so many relationships. It’s brought out the true characters of people and sadly, not everyone is as good-hearted as their religious memes claim they are. 🙁

  4. Everything you’ve written here beautifully encapsulates how I’m feeling right now. So frustrated and wishful that people could be kinder through their politics. Thanks for writing this – it helps to know I’m not alone in this…

  5. You know GOOD AND WELL my situation with the similar stuff since it invaded your wall (grin). This is the line you wrote that hit home the most: “This election has done so much damage to so many relationships.” Yep. Very much so. sigh.

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