Hodgepodge and Miscellany.

Today’s entry comes in three completely unrelated parts! ISN’T THIS EXCITING?

The Follow Up

Thanks for the wonderful feedback on yesterday’s entry. There were a few contrary thoughts on my blog’s Facebook page and I really didn’t have time to dig into them (I no longer have Facebook on my phone) but I will clarify in case there’s anyone here (I care about y’all, I have no idea who follows my blog’s Facebook page.) who needs it.

  • I understand why people are mad. That’s why it took me so long to process my thoughts because my “I love the National Anthem!” self was upset. WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM? Who does’t swell with pride and cry? How do you not want to stand tall for the women and men who fight for us? I think what got me really trying to spend time thinking about it was the #veteransforkaepernick hashtag on Twitter. So many stories from Veterans (a lot of them minority men and women) about why they fight and freedoms etc.
  • I don’t think I could sit with him. My patriotism and my respect for the friends and relatives who have served for our country…it’s a gut feeling. It’s not something I think I could resist. I hear it? I stand. I stand PROUDLY. But then I sit and I read and write to support the changes I think we need to make me even MORE proud. I’m not idle. I’m not content. But my history is not the same as anyone else’s.
  • I know nothing about Colin Kaepernick. Maybe he comes from a long line of rich people who have never been poor. My stories were more general, not specific to him. I’m not going to get into why it doesn’t really matter if a person of color grew up rich or poor because they’re still being judged by their skin color, but I’m saying my “if you get out of the cycle of poverty” reference wasn’t specific to Kaepernick. I know nothing about the dude.

Making Excuses

I’ve gotten a lot of great emails and blog comments during the last few weeks. Ones that really help in some way. Either because they compliment me when I’m feeling shitty, or because they enlighten me in some manner. Either way – I keep telling myself, “When you have some time? You need to find those comments and those emails and reply to them all.”

Because I don’t want to be brief in my appreciation, but I rarely have more than 5 minutes to respond to emails so lately – I only have time to be brief. And those comments and emails just keep getting pushed further and further back and suddenly I’ve waited so long that now I feel guilty and undeserving of the nice words to begin with. So if you’re one of those people? Who knows if I’ll ever respond which sucks because that means you’ll never know how important your words are to me.

What I’m Watching

I just finished watching The Get Down and it was good. In some ways it was AMAZING, but in other ways…UGG. Some of the stories/language were a bit too much for me. But the central story arc, young love and drives to success – I really enjoyed that. I fast-forwarded through some of the other parts, I don’t like a lot of blood and sex and cursing. There also was ALWAYS the expectation that something could/would go TERRIBLY wrong. Even though the 6 episodes had a nice ending I’m still worried about all of the characters and I don’t need TV to make me more worried.

I also watched One Mississippi with Tig Notaro. My love for her is well documented but watching her based-on-real-life story in sitcom form was weird. I was listening to her podcast while some of this stuff was going on in her life so watching it years later after hearing her recount it in real time was strange. I think you might enjoy it more if you didn’t go into it knowing everything. But…is still enjoyed it. It made me cry. And DAYUM, her and her wife (who plays a sound engineer on the show) have some INTENSE chemistry. I can totally see how they connected in real life. I hope there’s more episodes just so I can see them together more.

In Conclusion

1) It’s complicated, I’m aware.
2) I’m sorry I suck
3) Insomnia is better with streaming television

2 thoughts on “Hodgepodge and Miscellany.”

  1. I had the same problem with One Mississippi, I really liked the show but struggled with getting the little voice in my head saying “but that’s not really what happened,” to just shut up and enjoy it! And she and her wife are soooo adorable – you could tell it wasn’t even acting, they just LOVE being in the same room as the other.

  2. I think you would really enjoy Harry Connick Jr.’s new talkshow. It’s not like other talk shows, it’s all about positive fun things and celebrating REAL people. He has the celebrity guests sure, but he also has a focus on women who are doing great things. Every day women who live in regular neighborhoods. There is no drama, controversy or yelling. It’s very uplifting.

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