Young Ladies of the SEC, Enjoy the Game!

I hate to lambast another writer online because that has been known to destroy blogs and my biggest fear is something I write on my blog to go viral and me shut the whole thing down because of the unwanted attention.

But, I feel like once you have your stuff on HuffPo you know what you’re getting into and you’re kinda fair game. And to put it bluntly, I was ENRAGED when I read “Young ladies of the SEC, cover it up!

I wished you understood that a trend can be interpreted as fun and flirty without being tasteless.

Most of all, I hoped you would soon wake up to embrace the ethos shared by higher learning institutions everywhere – class.

That lucky shaker tucked into the back of your on trend boot?

The team logo you’re sporting on your cheek?

The Greek letters sticker on your shirt declaring the sorority to which you belong and your loyalty to your team?

All rendered classless by those ill covered curves you’ve made sure are on full display.

I mean, it was MADDENING to read this on so many levels, most of them quite obvious. My blood was BOILING as I read this.

But, before I outline my rage, let me also address an opposing article making the rounds on my feed yesterday. “Mom Shares Photos To Remind Us ‘Skinny’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Healthy’” was being shared out and lauded because: BODY POSITIVITY! Yay her!

And the contrast of the two articles hit me strongly.

And here’s the thing…the less obvious point of contention with the HuffPo article. Body positivity is not just for the flabby. It’s for the fit, too. And the young. I saw a viral photo once of a woman with a flabby body in a bikini and everyone was very proud of her, as was I. We gather together and we raise up a woman who DARES to show her less-than-perfect body that the media hide from covers and advertisements. I’m certain the women who agree with the SEC Lady Shamer would RISE UP to defend a flabby friend’s right to wear a bikini to the pool.

But women wearing skimpy clothes at a college football game? Let’s shame them and call them classless.

We all have opinions on what looks good on people and what doesn’t. I saw a woman wearing high wasted jeans the other day and thought, I’m not sure those flatter her body type. It was just instinctive, part of me just noticed. I kinda hated myself because maybe she felt like she looked GREAT and I should keep my mind from being an asshole. But we all do it, we all have rolled our eyes at the girls over-dressed or under-dressed. We may not be proud of it, but we’ve done it.

But let’s withhold taking those thoughts and allowing them to spread, shall we? Let’s not gossip with our friends about the girl who shows too much cleavage at the PTA meetings, let’s not laugh with our sisters about the cousin who’s still wearing last decades fashions, let’s not post pictures on Facebook of people we call “rednecks” at Wal-Mart.

And most importantly? Let’s not write self-righteous articles on Huffington Post shaming young women at their most vulnerable points in life.

Dear Young Ladies of the SEC,

Enjoy the game!

Mind your safety if you’re enjoying alcohol, keep an eye on your drink and have a sober friend!

Call me if you need a ride!

And are you seriously wearing stilettos to a football game? On all of those stairs? TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS.

I’m just kidding. I hate crowds and don’t like shoes with any heal. Your secrets would be wasted on me.

Love yourself and love your tribe of women.



UGG. I forgot about one other line that bugged me:

Families attend these games. Little eyes are watching you.

UGG. IT’S TERRIBLE. The implication that our children need not see those skimpy outfits? UGGG. UGGGGGGGG.

My brain just exploded. I lost the ability to speak.

OH! OH! And the ending!

Don your most debonair collegiate colors ensemble. Heck, try to sneak in a flask or two (this is college, after all).

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL…FRICK? Okay. You almost made me curse. I’ve got to quit adding stuff to this entry.


10 thoughts on “Young Ladies of the SEC, Enjoy the Game!”

  1. Hee. And I clicked on the link because I wanted to see what they were wearing. Seriously. I think that lady’s just jealous.

  2. Huffpo pulled it down, apparently they realized it was nothing but a bidy body-shaming young women..I’m no fan of Huffington Post but for once they got it right.

  3. I read that garbage “article” when you posted it on Twitter last night, and 140 characters is not nearly enough to express my rage. She should be embarrassed. I hope she is embarrassed. Not because I want a stranger to feel bad, but because maybe then she’ll learn something from all this and start adjusting her outmoded, intrusive, sexist way of thinking. I mean, first of all, it’s a FOOTBALL GAME. It’s not a four-star restaurant; people dress however the hell they want. I see people on TV with their faces painted like clowns at these things, and this woman is worried about “class?” Is she for real?

    Second, I realized after reading the comments that these women she’s complaining about are in the South. Where it’s hot as hell. And they’re in a crowd, sitting in the sun. I mean, she should be happy people’s nips are covered. If they’re not getting arrested for breaking any public indecency laws, then she doesn’t have shit to complain about.

    And anyone who clutches their pearls and basically screeches “won’t someone think of the children?!?!?!” just makes me laugh and roll my eyes until they hurt. That’s a sure-fire way to ensure that I will write off whatever “problem” you’re whining about, because 9.99999 times out of 10, it’s something children have no business seeing in the first place (violent video games, R-rated movies, etc.) or something kids are going to see anyway somewhere else (like — gasp — the curve of a woman’s body!).

    If people took more time to teach their kids what is and is not appropriate FOR THEM (because they’re CHILDREN), instead of trying to parent grown-ass adults, they’d be a lot calmer. And we’d have a lot fewer silly diatribes on the internet.

    Like Grace, I think this kind of body shaming comes from a place of shame and, yes, jealousy. This woman got that idea that there’s something scandalous about a woman’s skin and body from SOMEWHERE, after all. And if SHE can’t/won’t expose certain parts of her body, then no one should, dammit! She’s trying to share that internalized shame with other people. Hard pass.

  4. Oh, man. I see that it’s gone! Crazy! I’ve never known them to do that. Do you think it was her that demanded it after the bad attention? Yuck.

  5. What bothers me about all of this is that no matter what women do or wear they are criticized. Men can paint their bare chests fit or not at a football game and that is showing school spirit or supporting their team. Hillary keeps getting criticized because her clothes are too expensive or too ugly or whatever. It just isn’t right!

  6. I didn’t even THINK about all of the painted/bare chested men at college games! YEAH! What about them?

  7. THANK YOU. That’s what I noticed, she didn’t say anything about the shirtless guys in body paint…

  8. Uggggh. I saw the title and refused to click. Based on what you are seeing here, it’s even worse than I expected. Uggggggggggghhhhhhh. Glad they took it down but it’s ridiculous that they published it in the first place.

  9. So here’s the funny thing. I thought it was going to be completely different. The person who shared it out did so with a comment about buying the right bras for support so I thought it was something about that – I think that’s why my anger was worse. I went into it expecting a “no good bras in the South!” or something weird but it was TERRIBLE.

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