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Holy Insane Tuesday, Batman.

You ever have one of those days where it feels like EVERYTHING just happens in ONE DAY…in ONE moment? Well, can I tell you about my Tuesday please? And how my Tuesday had me in bed Monday night in bed with a wet towel over my neck/chest/shoulders?

The first thing to make Tuesday crazy? I have a board meeting on the schedule. An important one where the majority of the meeting will focus on my part in the organization.

Then? Soccer. Soccer starts this week and the first practice for both kids is at the SAME time, at the SAME park on Tuesday – but at completely opposite ends of that park. Like – there’s 3 baseball fields and a field house between the two fields.

Oh! But wait! It’s also the Beginning of School Open House; that night where you get to officially meet all the teachers and maybe buy stuff from the book fair! ALL AT THE SAME TIME AS SOCCER and the Board Meeting! Woot!

And there’s more! Donnie’s “deadline” so to speak that has had him working 60 hour weeks and sometimes 14-hour days…do you know when that is? Tuesday! So there’s a big meeting and then dinner that will hame him out until 8pm.

Board Meeting, Soccer Practice, Open House, Office Event. All around 6-8pm on Tuesday night.


Yesterday I got a request for a showing of our house at 5pm-6pm. So I need to have my dog WITH me and out of my CLEAN house by 5pm and I won’t be “able” to return until 6pm. Maybe earlier, but it doesn’t matter because I will be en route to one of my other million things and won’t be able to get her back to the house.


And I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I had planned on a no-Run day today. I wouldn’t have time to do it, but maybe I’m probably going to wish I did.

SO! In case you’re wondering we are skipping the soccer and school stuff (Kid’s stuff gets kicked to the curb, yo!) and I’m taking them to the important board meeting with me (Professional!) and I think I’m going to have to board my dog because I can’t really take HER to the meeting too as there are some lines I won’t cross and bringing my dog into a restaurant is one of them. See? I am professional!

With all of this on my plate you can bet that sleeping last night was a chore. I had a late meeting that had my brain whirring with the To Do list from Hell and then the chaos from today and I started itching slightly and then more and then I went to the bathroom and YEP! JUST AS I SUSPECTED!


My entire neck and shoulder region was covered in hives which is one of my more extreme responses to anxiety. The first time it happened was the day I met Donnie’s parents and it only happens in VERY extreme situations and last night? EXTREME. So I got a wet towel and draped it around my neck and chest and just did my best to sleep. The wet towel helped calmed the hives but my mind was just going INSANE.

So now I’m heading into today on minimal sleep which should make it all go really smoothly.

But seriously? This will hopefully be a good day. I’m hoping a few of these things will help end some of the chaos in our lives lately so the end result will be good, if we can just make it through today. ONE DAY. RIGHT? I CAN SURVIVE ONE INSANE DAY.

*deep breaths*

14 thoughts on “Holy Insane Tuesday, Batman.”

  1. Oh man, I wish I was near you so I could at least watch your dog for a couple hours or something. That is a crazy amount of life stuff converging in one day! I will keep my fingers crossed that even with all the craziness, it’s a good day. Good luck with all of it!!!

  2. And I get a little whiny when I have 2 things to do in one day (maybe not even necessarily at the same time). I’m resolving to suck it up and stop complaining. You are wonder woman.

  3. This happens to us at the beginning and end of the school year. Last night was me working back to school night at my school, having 20 min to run to back to school night at one kids school and my husband was with the other kid at soccer. This was all managable, but bible school teacher meetings always happen during soccer practices nights and this year I will have to miss some games to teach bible school. I cannot even fathom how one does this with their house on the market and on a board though, you rock!

  4. Good luck! Just think about how awesome Wednesday will be, when you don’t have 8,000 things to do! Chant it to yourself like a mantra if you have to: *Wednesday …. Wednesday … ooooommmm…*

  5. I don’t know if this is an option for you, but sports carpooling really saved my bacon this spring when Husband was already living in our new state. I had sympathetic parents for Older Son’s karate & Younger Son’s soccer who would step in & take my kids to their respective sports when I had a conflict. I would try to do the same in my less-crazy weeks. Also, we totally skipped a bunch of school stuff. I would just email the teacher and say, “I’m sorry, we have an event that conflicts with Parent-Teacher night. Can you please email me anything I need to know or can we set up a different time to meet?” In most cases, it worked out.

  6. Yes! And we can definitely use that in various ways – not necessarily with carpool but with “can I leave my kid here?” type of moments. But since this was the first night I don’t know who all is on the team yet! It will come in handy though on other weeks for sure! Wish we had people who lived near us or who went to the same afterschool care, that would make it SO easy!

  7. Taking your kids to HTC general, RCM,CRR,and board meetings is a tradition. I don’t know many that haven’t done it. Just bribe them to be reasonably quiet (they don’t drown you out) and it will all be good.

  8. I’ve opted to invite my Sister in Law to come have dinner with them to try to keep them in line so I can focus 🙂

  9. I’m already feeling a lack of this now that we have moved – I miss the carpool network I used to have! Now, we don’t know anyone with same-aged kids in the same sports, so I’m on my own.

  10. Good idea. One year I had “grandkids” with me because one had tryouts for honor band right before RCM dinner meeting. I was so glad the older was 14. The room was crowded , so they dines right outside the door where I could check on them. Little one came and sat on my lap at the very end (she was10 but tiny) . When I went out I asked big sis was reading a book and I asked who the waiter was so that I could leave a tip- She said I took care of it. (My money)

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