So Much Miscellany.

A blog post in two completely unrelated parts:

Part 1: We’re Still On A Break

I have been avoiding Facebook since this day. I took it off my phone so I can’t check it constantly, but I do still open it up on the computer once in awhile. I try to do it with purpose: “I need to check that event page,” or “I need to post that status.” The few times I’ve done it, though, a quick scroll through the feed to see what everyone is up to reminds me why I had to take a break. Yesterday, I really needed to unload a parenting trauma so my friends could build me up with some, “ME TOO!” comments. After I did that it only took about 4 seconds of scrolling before I saw a “SHE IS AS BAD AS HE IS!” status about Hillary Clinton and that’s just one that I can’t hang with. Even if she was as terrible as conservative media likes to paint her – (She’s not that bad, as seen in the links I included in this post.) – she’s not as bad as Donald Trump. Right? AND THEN I KEPT THINKING ABOUT THAT FOR HOURS. Which is why Facebook and I are not good for each other right now. I can’t just scroll and forget. I either want to comment, discuss, or MULL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

It’s funny because I’m very good at letting general conflicts go in life. I don’t hold grudges. There have been times where I have honestly had to ask someone to remind me why I disliked someone else. There are only a few things that help memorialize your bad actions in my mind and a good example is Homophobia. I’ve got some homophobic words etched into my memory permanently from casual acquaintances in my life. But in general? I DO NOT HAVE THE ENERGY.

But DUDE…if something bothers me on Facebook? It follows me around ALL DAY. I don’t know if it’s the website itself, or if it’s just political season but I’ll be cooking dinner hours later and think back to one status or comment or meme that hit me wrong. So, it’s a really good thing I’m only scrolling through it about once a day now. It’s hard, I missed keeping up with everyone, but right now it’s necessary to keep me sane.

Part 2: Stuff I’m Loving

Strangers – I binge-watched the show last weekend and LURVED it so much. It was super-scary and had to resign to watching it during the daylight hours, but it wasn’t too “grown-up” like a lot of these popular shows are so it was nice to finally be included in all of the TV talk for once. I let the kids watch it a little bit but they were both a little scared too so neither of them got as hooked on it as Donnie or I did.

Orphan Black – Season 4 – I finally caught up on Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany is simply amazing. Once again I found myself forgetting she was playing all of the parts. There were some GREAT scenes this season, I won’t spoil anything but the Jesus Christ Superstar performance montage was EPIC and Helena had so many small good moments that I adored as well. Krystal was fun too, and I’m glad we got to see more of her.

Homegoing – I had put this book on my list after hearing a segment of an NPR interview with the author and then seeing/hearing it referenced by Ta-Nehisi Coates at some point as well. I made note of it being a “book club possibility” because I’m terrible at suggesting book club books (although my last one – Everything I Never Told You – turned out good) and then kinda forgot about it. Then I had family share something out about it this weekend and it turns out the author – Yaa Gyasi – is from Huntsville! So, I bought it and started it last night and I’m already pulled so deep into it I can’t stop thinking about it. I think it’s going to be one people are talking about for awhile. Jump in, I say! It’s not easy or light – but it’s rich and deep and painful and thought provoking. I’ll do a full review when I finish.

Chrissy Teigen on Twitter I can’t remember what first brought Teigen on my radar but it was something good because I don’t make a habit of just following random celebrities or models. I curate my Twitter feeds very dilberately and I have several lists I keep open all day. News, Locals, BLM writers, and then I have a “FAVES” list. That list contains people whose tweets I do NOT want to miss. Sometimes because I just want to see all of them and they don’t tweet often (Like the Pope, John Green, Helen Prejean, and my kid) but others just because they’re SO HILARIOUS I must see everything. And Teigen falls entirely in that category. She made fun of something she found where someone referred to the CL in NaCL as “chlorine” and then the internet continuued to not realize she was being sarcastic and it was great. Then there’s her random but spot-on political commentary. But this stuff? This is my favorite.


I just adore her, y’all.

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  1. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this honor, but Chrissy follows me on Twitter and even interacts with me sometimes. I definitely brag about it a lot (haha…clearly!). I love her so much!

  2. Do you have the FB Groups app? Where you can check on stuff in each of your groups without having to use the FB app.

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