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Effective Conversion Techniques and Why I’m With Her.

Lately on Facebook I’ve been trying to write a lot of statuses about the importance of humanizing the people who vote differently than you do…about how if we make blanket statements we are doing nothing to mend the divide that got us here. I have always done this during election years because I’m a blue dot in a red state and family and I want to remind people I’m out there and I have feelings that get hurt. The anti-Obama rhetoric the last two elections nearly killed me.

But this year I’m also doing it because the Anti-Trump rhetoric is really harsh, and often blankets in all conservatives and Republicans into it. The more I’ve written about it (like I said, I’ve mostly done this on Facebook, not as much here) the more responses I get that seem to indicate I’m complacent with the possibility of a Trump Presidency. On Facebook someone responded to my “consider that you have family voting for Trump, would you then call them all misogynists?” by telling me that was my privilege talking. That because I’m cis/white and in a heterosexual relationship, I have nothing at risk, so I can say this stuff.

I had to back up on Facebook and look at all the stuff I was saying and I think what’s happening in that my “Let’s be compassionate! Loving! And have empathy to Trump supporters!” is being misinterpreted as “It’s not the worse thing if he gets elected!”

And while that was not my message, let me be clear: IT IS NOT OKAY IF HE GETS ELECTED. I am having just as many sleepless nights as you are about this, I promise.

Here’s my thing. I’m worried desperately about all of my Republican friends and family who always vote Republican even though they’re socially liberal. Those people always watch Fox News and always read conservative media and so they have been fed all of the Hillary Hate for DECADES. [Here’s a good article about how/why we’re all seeing the world scary and twisted now.] And now, they see Trump and they do NOT at ALL want to vote for him. AT ALL. So…all of those people are torn right now. There is NO part of them that wants to vote Trump, but they also hate and are terrified of Hillary and are torn about being disloyal to their party. THIS IS A TOUGH PLACE FOR THEM TO BE.

So I want to empathize with them. First? I want them to know I did not want to vote for her either. It took me months during the primaries of digging into my dislike of her, WHY did I really dislike her? Why was I holding her to a different standard? Why was I not open to the good things on her resume? I read a lot about Bengazi about emails and lying etc. But I also read a lot about her accomplishments and other failures of other government people who equaled or were worse than hers yet we don’t still talk about them years later. [Here is a GREAT google document of a bunch of links if you want to check them out.]

Even when I sat down to vote for her during the Primaries I was torn. It was hard to undo decades worth of media brainwashing. I did vote for her, though. I had done my research. I was ready. But damn, it was hard. So I want my conservative friends to understand.

Because – here’s the thing. Telling them that even considering to vote for Trump makes them [fill in insult here] IS NOT GOING TO HELP THEM AT ALL. It’s going to push them away. And if you really want to avoid a Trump Presidency…we need to CONVINCE THEM TO VOTE FOR HILLARY. And making fun of them and insulting them is NOT going to do it. Being respectful and showing them links will. Hell – tell them that the reason a lot of Democrats didn’t vote for her in 2008 is because they thought she was too Republican. That’s a great starting point. (That’s why I didn’t vote for her.) That may make them consider her a little bit. “Really? SHOW ME.”

Here’s the thing. A lot of us have fallen for manipulation from the media framing Hillary Clinton in a terrible light. [Here is a GREAT article that breaks down her favorability and media treatment and helps you see how easily we were all manipulated.] But if you’re willing to vote for her, then you’ve overcome it. HELP YOUR CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS DO THAT TOO. They’re terrified of her because they’ve been getting 100 times what the rest of the world has gotten. If you were a little distasteful of her? Imagine that times 100.

There’s arguments about whether or not “not voting” or “voting third party” is terrible in terms of trying to prevent a Trump presidency. I’m not going to say one way or another because that’s not the point. I will say this: The BEST move to prevent a Trump presidency is voting for Clinton. Staying home or voting Third Party might not HURT, but if your goal is to avoid a Trump Presidency, then the BEST move is to vote Clinton. That’s just math. It may not HURT the anti-Trump cause to stay home or to vote third party, but the BEST move to make is to vote Clinton. So, we have to convince them that HIS presidency would be worse than HERS and that it is important we all team up.

So we have to keep sharing out things that will help convince them. We can’t just continuously insult Trump supporters. Trump supporters are not going to change their minds. You’re just feeding into their hatred of liberal media. No. You need to focus your energies on those Conservatives who really do NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR TRUMP. Or hell, focus on the Berni-or-Bust people. They are all in a tough place. They need respect and empathy and THEY NEED CONVINCING…Convincing to NOT vote Trump, but also convincing to MAYBE VOTE HILLARY.

That’s my choice. To try to maintain a respectful tone so maybe they’ll read the links I’m sharing. I really feel like the three I shared above are the most important so far. I’ll repost them again if you want to bookmark them.

[Here’s a good article about how/why we’re all seeing the world scary and twisted now when it’s really not.]
[Here is a GREAT article that breaks down Clinton’s favorability and media treatment and helps you see how easily we were all manipulated into disliking her.]
[Here is a GREAT google document of a bunch of links to read if you’re trying to feel better about voting for Clinton.]

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  1. I am a blue dot in a red state and red family too; there are two, maybe three other blue dots in my family. I have a few Republican friends who don’t want to vote Trump so I am going to share these links with them. Thanks so much for the info! I voted Bernie in the primaries but not because I hate Hillary; I just like so many of his ideas. I wish she would have picked him as a running mate so his Bernie-or-bust people would have come over to her side more easily.

    I do feel like a vote for an independent or to not vote at all is the same thing as a vote for Trump. Anything that takes a vote from Hillary is giving one to him. And that scares me.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for reasonable Conservatives to follow on Twitter or elsewhere on the web? I really would like to seek to understand opposing viewpoints and I don’t really have any nearby me (I am a blue dot in a blue state)! However all the Republicans I can find are the scary, rhetorical, world-is-a-mess kinds and I would love to listen to a thoughtful Republican instead.

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