Again! With the Pooping On The Joy!

I’ve written before about the trend of pooping on people’s joy and I’ve seen it recently with the popularity of Hamilton. Not in concrete: That thing you love sucks! type of ways. But the more subtle, I’m a special flower because I don’t like what everyone else likes! kind of way which tends to also still be done with a Pooping on Joy flare to it. There’s a lot of things I don’t like that the rest of the world likes: See every grown-up TV show that is currently popular. But I don’t do these hidden self-righteous posts that are all I know I’m going to lose friends but: I DO NOT LIKE GAME OF THRONES. I watched one episode and it was just too ridiculous. which is just such a WEIRD thing to post.

Because I do not like Game of Thrones either, but I’m not even going to support your status because it just sounds weird. Instead I post things like: Reminder: You won’t get any GoT spoilers from me because I don’t watch the show since it’s not aimed at 15-year olds and playing on The CW. Because that’s the truth of it. Give me a teen show on The CW and I’m all in. But give me a show with sex and violence and I get all prudish and MY EYES!.

See? I point out I don’t watch it but I do it in a self-deprecating way so it’s not pooping on the joy of those that DO watch it.

But Hamilton? JEEZ. The snark! The snubbing! The self-righteousness! I know they’ll probably take away my citizenship but I don’t like Hamilton. It’s bad r&b and bad history. THAT IS AN ACTUAL TWEET I SAW. It’s just snarky. And again -it’s not obviously mean – it’s better than “EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT SUCKS!” But it’s subtle in the pooping on the joy. Like, the person wants to make sure the world knows they don’t like this thing and they do it with a snub to it. I POOP ON YOUR JOY!

And now? Now with the Pokémon! EVERYONE IS SNARKING ON POKéMON! Well, at least everyone who is not playing it. Yes. It’s terrible that people are catching Pokémon at the Holocaust Museum and the 9/11 Memorial…but what is the actual problem here? People not being reverent? Because I’m certain there are kids bored at those places snapchatting their friends every day. I know because my Dad drug me to museums all the time and I was always bored, no matter how tragic the topic or how much respect it warranted. I’m still dramatically sighing in the corner and keeping an eye out for cute boys.

Now, if the problem is that it’s an adult doing the Pokéhunting in those museums? Then that adult is an asshole. And should know better. BUT IT IS NOT THE GAME’S FAULT. That person is just an ass. Don’t be like, “Damn game!” Instead be like, “Jeezus, who knew there were such obvious assholes in the world? Too bad the PokémonGo game now spotlights those asshats!”

I actually saw someone snark about it being just another colossal waste of time and let me tell you something: I BEG TO DIFFER. Something that brings someone joy? IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME. Even channel surfing. Or playing facebook casino games. Or binge-watching The Bachelor. If something brings you joy? Even if it’s just because it provides a mindnumbing escape from your stressful life? IT DESERVES MERIT.

(Full Disclosure: I love PokémonGo, even if I’m avoiding fighting anyone or going to any of the gyms because I’m scared of losing my Pokémon.)

If something makes you smile? BE PROUD OF IT. Many people go through life with no things that make them smile, so enjoy your thing! And if other people are smiling about something that does NOT make you smile? Just let them be. No need to snark or minimize their enjoyment. Find your own silly thing to enjoy. There’s plenty out there.

13 thoughts on “Again! With the Pooping On The Joy!”

  1. I checked my Twitter at 3am and saw Pokemon hate and I’ve been in a rage since (ok, that’s a little dramatic).

    I’ve heard a lot of Hamilton love. It is not my thing, but I haven’t said so. I had one #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion tweet where I said I don’t like musical theater and I feel all guilty like it was too snarky. But I don’t mean to poop on anyone’s joy! And I might not get excited about it, but I honestly love seeing others’ excitement. I’m in awe of the talent involved and impressed it’s become so big. I’m glad people enjoy it, even if I don’t want to see it.

    But the same people are Pokemon hating and it’s making me insane(er). I feel like they got to talk about what they enjoy and I get mocked and hear how they’re “so over it” and wish it would “GO away.”

    I know this is very me, me, me, me. I just had to vent this morning. Thanks for letting me use your comment section! 😉

  2. Totally agree. And I feel like the time span between “this is awesome” and “that thing you love is terrible” for Pokeman Go was only like a day. Maybe because it is so popular started crapping on it so quickly. I love it. I love Hamilton. The end.

  3. No – I think simply saying you don’t like something other people like is different than wearing it like a badge of honor. I honestly can’t hang with any of that adult TV. OitnB, GoT, whatever else is rated-R, and I say it a lot in conversation but I’m not like, “Look at me! I don’t like the thing you like and that makes me special!” Like people who seem to want a prize for their dislike 🙂

  4. You don’t lose your Pokemon if you lose a battle at the gym! They end up back in your care, you just have to revive or heal them which you do with the items that come from Pokestops. Once you have them, they are yours FOREVER (unless you transfer them for candies).

    And I hear you. I hate sports. Well, I don’t HATE sports, I just really don’t are about sports at all. But I have LOTS AND LOTS of friends that love sports and I just scroll past those posts/tweets. When their team wins I congratulate them because YAY TEAM YOU MADE MY FRIEND HAPPY! I don’t get the point of complaining about something that makes somebody else happy.

  5. I really needed to read this. My husband and kids are into Pokemon Go and I just don’t get the appeal. I think I’ve been pooping on their joy. Like a jerk. I don’t want to be a jerk!

  6. Anyone pooping on Pokemon Go clearly doesn’t have a 12 year old boy! I want to HUG the developers of that app! It got my gamer-boy to actually GO OUTSIDE! As in, outside for HOURS!

  7. I’m in the game industry, so I figured it was my professional duty to try Pokemon Go. It isn’t really my thing so I uninstalled it, but my 13yo son and many of my co-workers enjoy it. But what I really want to say is that it absolutely *is* the game’s fault that people are playing at Arlington or the Holocaust Museum or even Auchwitz (!?). Sensitive locations like those could and should be put on a list so that the game doesn’t populate them with Pokemon. Of course, compiling a list for a country as large as the U.S. takes time and money, but there is no excuse for Nintendo not to do this for obvious sites like memorials and cemeteries. I fully expect an update to come out soon that addresses this issue, at least in part.

  8. See – I only know enough about game/app development to be a danger. In my head, the only option is to build it on the Google Maps database (example: There are out of date pictures on some Pokestops locally, but it’s the same pictures on GoogleMaps) and that the customization to separate “reverant” museums from places like the space and rocket center from the Google database would not really be an option.

    But – like you are pointing out – they’re making millions. So it seems NOW it could be an option. Maybe not out of the gate when there’s no guarantee about income, but now that the income has come in, surely they can take time to build an exclusionary dataset? Maybe?

  9. I hope the Pokemon Go complainers are getting as much joy from moaning about kids these days as I am from catching my invisible monster friends!

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