Live! From Breckenridge!

It’s been a chaotic several days as you can imagine traveling in a group of 5 can be. We spent one night in Denver at my brother’s and now are in Breckenridge staying in the most amazing vacation rental in ALL THE LAND. What? You think yours is better? WELL CAN YOU REMOVE AN ENTIRE WALL TO ENJOY THE VIEW?



It’s amazing. My brother’s wife found it and booked it and I’m moving in but she hasn’t told the owner’s yet. I’m most certain even if I sold all of my organs I couldn’t afford it, but it’s so big I think I can stay hidden and they’ll never find me.

The weather hasn’t been ideal so we’ve been enjoying the house (WHICH IS AMAZING! DID I MENTION THAT?) and doing activities that don’t need perfect weather. Like a Gondola Ride!



The first night in Breck was a little rough as we were all exhausted and didn’t get to bed until late and trying to get Wes to brush his teeth turned into one of my Worst Parenting Nights Ever and I’m hoping to give him enough fun the rest of the trip that the memory of the first night fades behind the memories of the fun stuff.

Of course, that would be easier if he wasn’t seeming to amp up the JERK MODE for no reason randomly. He likes to be defiant about the usual stuff, but he’s testing out defiance now about EVERYTHING. Donnie thinks it’s some sort of influence from daycare. I think it’s being around his sister all day. They bring out the worst in each other.

Either way – I’m finding it’s motivating me to really focus on him a lot…playing cards, soaking in the hot tob (he’d live in that hot tub if we let him) and playing foosball. It’s exhausting but also nice.

And last night? I’ll be honest. I didn’t even mention teeth-brushing. Many may say that is succumbing to his terrible will, but I say it’s allowing me to get to sleep without drama and I’ll take the trade off.


6 thoughts on “Live! From Breckenridge!”

  1. So glad you’re having fun! I think Wes’ teeth can survive a week without being brushed in order to keep the peace.

  2. Parenting or teaching a child prone to melt downs requires a lot of , Is is worth it? questions. His teeth won’t rot out if he doesn’t brush them one or two nights. How about making a chart of things to do before bed. He simple has to check them off when he does t hem. That takes you out of the equation. Daycare could be a factor. Most day cares pack their Summer programs with all kinds of activity and little down time. Kids need time to decompress. He is probably coming home every day so exhausted he can’t see straight.

  3. Glad you had a good time (despite meltdowns)! The weather turned so nice for the 4th, so I was really happy about that. That mountain air is good for the soul. Looking forward to going back next year!

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