Y’all. I know you’re getting sick of me talking about Hamilton but this post is ALSO about the wonderful power of this new 360 video technology.

(But mostly it’s about Hamilton.)

CBS posted a 360 video of the cast rehearsing for the Tony’s and it features one of the songs I hear is amazing in person so I’m super excited to see the brilliant and beautiful Leslie Odom Jr. perform it at the Tony’s. But this video is AMAZING. If you watch it on your phone, hold it up and turn around, the point-of-view changes as you move. If you’re watching it on the computer, click and drag around the screen and it will change the point of view depending on how you move the perspective. You can do the whole thing staring at Daveed Diggs if you’d like. Or at Alex Lacamoire as he conducts the group. I must have watched it 10 different times, sometimes just exploring the set around them. IT IS AMAZING.


2 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING.”

  1. That was cool, Kim! Thanks for sharing. Phillip and I are going to NYC and have tickets for July 25th and I’m beyond excited! BUT…… Lin-Manuel announced he’s leaving the show (July 9) six hours after I bought our tickets on StubHub (can you say non-refundable???). Yep….. I bought tickets that morning and he made the announcement that afternoon. I will miss seeing him by 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!! (I. AM. DEVASTATED.) I just can’t shake it off and feel bad for complaining because I sound like a spoiled brat. I mean…. it’s still going to be an AMAZING show and I’m very thankful for getting to go at all…. I just feel so cheated. What makes it even more difficult to process is that we almost went next week (June 16) and decided to wait until July! We are idiots.

  2. If it’s any consolation – I’ve read that Javier Munoz (who I think it slated it take over) is AMAZEBALLS. And he has a great survivor story (cancer). This is the comparison I read: Lin is the Hamilton you take home to meet your parents, Munoz is the Hamilton you take the bedroom 😉 They say he plays it SUPER sexy and the reviews are great.

    (But I get it – when they announced the July 9th date I told my husband, “Oh, man. I’d be so upset if I had tickets for the next week.”)

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