Several Things I’m Loving.

  • If you’ll recall, I stumbled upon a book club at Barnes & Noble on August 24th, 2010. The day the book Mockingjay came out. They were meeting there in the coffee shop because it was their next read and I was there buying it and saw a classmate of E’s Mother in the group. It has been a LOVELY group of women to get to know. We’ve had a really good stretch of book club books the last few months that have produced great conversation. Most recently was Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and we found ourselves discussing parenting a lot after that one and reassuring ourselves that we weren’t as oblivious to our kid’s needs as the parents were in that book. We also read The Husband’s Secret which is HORRIBLY titled but TERRIBLY riveting and I could NOT put it down. That one made KILLER conversation as we all discussed what we would and would not do to hide our loved ones’ secrets. We also read The Danish Girl which had us discussing everything from transgender rights (I love the women in my book club) to cultural shifts and marriage. Anyway – for those of you who like books that produce great discussions – those three were all great.
  • I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls with Nikki these last few months in preparation for the “final” four episodes coming on Netflix. I definitely didn’t think I’d notice how dated it was as it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that it was on, but they’ve definitely thrown around the word “retarded” casually which freaks Nikki out way more than if they dropped an f-bomb. I’ve also had to tear apart some scenes like when Lorelai overhears Paris talking about losing her virginity and Rory saying she hadn’t had sex yet…Lorelai says to herself, “I have the good kid.” I had to pause and make sure Nikki knew that Paris was NOT A BAD KID for having sex especially not since she loved the boy and used protection. But other than those moments (which actually are good times to talk about issues like that) it’s really been fun. We are currently on Season 5 and she gave up on #TeamDean in the same way I did which means she’s poised to jump on #TeamJess like I did in Season 6 when we get to see what he’s been doing in Philly and how he’s gotten his life together. Although…she’s really liking Logan which I never really did so we’ll see.
  • I’m currently reading the book How Not To Die and it’s good but I don’t recommend you read it cover-to-cover. I recommend you dissect a few disease chapters (either the ones that relate to you or read them in order) first and then take the food recommendations from those chapters and read the corresponding chapters in the back. I think cover-to-cover…as in “AILMENTS” and then “FOOD” makes it too hard to stick with. I like breaking it up by doing SOME discussion of the ailments and then read recommendations on food and suggestions for how to prepare it.
  • This is so wonderful and I may watch it 14 million more times.

5 thoughts on “Several Things I’m Loving.”

  1. That Carpool Karaoke was awesome!! I love JTF so much and now I love James Corden. I would love to see Hamilton but that is a crazy dream.

    All three of those books you mentioned are on my list to read so I need to move them up. I liked Big Little Lies by the Husband’s Secret author so I’ve been meaning to read that one for a while.

  2. I’ve read and loved all 3 books! Liane Moriarty has a new one (Truly Madly Guilty) coming out next month. Yay!

    Gilmore Girls…….we got hooked and binge watched every episode last year. My husband is so excited they are doing a reunion show but don’t tell him I shared that information. 😉

  3. WHOA!! First time seeing carpool karaoke and I’m not sure any others can top that one!!

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