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stephanie-michael-w-00136Nikki had been wanting a drastic haircut since before October, I know that because she knew she had to wait until AFTER the wedding she was in (which was in October) where her hair needed to be long enough to do an Up-Do. (I did her up-do, which I’m super proud of.) Once she started think of something short/fun/drastic she settled in on the Hannah Hart which you can see clearly in the video below where she shows several different ways she can style her hair.

As you can see? That is SUPER-drastic. We talked about it for awhile and Donnie and I both agree that a hair cut like that needed time. It was not an overnight decision, so we opted for just a short hair cut as soon as the wedding was over. This was not immediately following the haircut, but it was a short time after. Short, but not drastic.

It turned out this was a really good idea because we had forgotten about Pioneer Day in March when we cut her hair in October! The Hannah Hart would have been a tough one to pull off in this outfit. (Made by Donnie’s Mom!)

Saturday it was time for Wesley to get a haircut and Nikki chimed in, “Can I get the Hannah Hart now?” Now, you know I have no problem with anything funky our outrageous, I just didn’t want her to regret it. So we talked again about how it would be growing it out and we settled on going the HALF-Harto, only shaving one half of her head. She talked to Donnie about it too, we did not let her go into this decision lightly. And then? She did it.

I want to document this haircut as much as possible because I have very little documentation of my undercut and I hate that I can’t show it off to the kids.

Everyone needs at least one No Regrets haircut to look back on, one that you have to talk yourself out of regretting because you KNOW there’s going to be a part of you (whether it’s when it’s growing out, or the next day) that might regret it. You have to talk that part of yourself out of regretting it so the rest of you can live it up with one funky haircut. I love thinking back to mine and I know she’ll love thinking back to hers.

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  1. De-lurking to say she looks so, so happy! What an awesome haircut – it’s like her own inherent awesomeness has come out even more with the cool haircut.

  2. I wanted to say that after your post in October about the Hannah Hart haircut my 16 year old came to my husband and I asking to do it too. Not from seeing it here but somewhere else on the web. Keep in mind she had hair past her shoulders. We compromised and went up above her shoulders first then 6 weeks later she got the Hannah Hart. To see the look of pure joy on her face when we allowed it made it all worth it. She was all smiles just like Nikki looks in your photos. It was all I could do in the salon to not cry as they shaved her head, but it was so worth her being happy about it and herself. Now to maintain it, I shave the undercut about half way between haircuts. Thanks for giving me the heads up about this haircut before my daughter came to me about wanting it. I got so many kudos for being the cool mom from all my friends for letting her get her hair cut that way. It is only hair and it can always grow back. Thanks!

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    Sarah @ TM2TS says:

    It looks like it completely suits her and she looks blissed out with it! That’s all that matters!

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