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Ug…Morning People…Am I Right?

I got up a little late this morning (4am is late in my world) because I had a late night (I was up until 11pm!) and LOW AND BEHOLD – my husband is sitting at the computer at 3:58am. There was evidently a figurative fire at work that he had to put out. So, he’s working in the spot I’m usually working, and while mornings are my “Zoot Time,” it is very hard not to just start chatting him up like I would if he had just come home from work. I want to tell him how book club went and I want to ask him what Nikki thought of the Flash finale. But I know he’s just trying to complete the task at hand and then HOPEFULLY still have time for more sleep.

But I’m over here thinking, “YAY! ANOTHER HUMAN AT 4AM! LET’S TALK!”

It’s a sign as to how much I love him that I’m trying to just quietly work at my computer and not disrupt his Trying Not To Fully Wake Up So I Can Go Back To Sleep mission.

The Morning Person runs very deep in me. I get up stupid-early because these early hours before I start my day are the BEST. I look to the day ahead like the possibilities are endless and I’m excited about the potential. And this was kinda always the case. I was the one calling my friend’s houses on the weekends long before anyone in their house had actually woken up. I was the first one up in the mornings at slumber parties and family reunions. Even in college when I needed to pull an “all-nighter” I would instead sleep for 3 hours from like 10pm to 1am and then just get up for the day. I was always way better after sleep, at the start of the day, than I was BEFORE sleep at the END of the day.

Donnie has adapted to A) being married to me and B) having hobbies that require early mornings so he can sometimes exhibit Morning Person tendencies. But when given a choice, he’d much rather stay up late and sleep in, whereas I’m the first one to bed every night no matter what.

I also think I would be well suited for a segmented sleep pattern if I could get life to adjust to allow for that. I think I’d do great to sleep from like 9pm to 2am, get up and be productive until like 9am where I would sleep again for 3+ hours before starting the second half of my day. I have these hopes/dreams of some day being able to test out that schedule for a week or more at a time, but so far I’ve not found a work situation that would allow that.

So, for now I try to go to bed around 8pm because I’m almost always up before 4am. Most nights it’s more like 8:30pm to 3:30am which is 7 hours and a good night’s sleep. I need 8, I’m not going to lie, but I can survive on 7.

I think Nikki will be like me. E doesn’t think he is, but he has a crazy life not at all conducive to being a morning person, so I’m not sure he can judge yet. But Nikki? She’s a morning person through and through and Wes is going to be our night owl.

I like life as a morning person, as long as I can stifle the urge to start full-fledged conversations with my husband when he’s up dealing with work issues at 4am.

2 thoughts on “Ug…Morning People…Am I Right?”

  1. I’ve always thought your early morning routine was amazing. I totally can’t relate. If I could crawl under my desk to take a nap right now, at 9 a.m., I’d do so in a heartbeat.

  2. I wish I were a morning person! No matter what time I wake up, I want just 10 more minutes of rest…. But I hear you on the segmented sleep. I think my ideal schedule would be segments sleep too, but it’s hard to get a workplace on board with afternoon naptime!

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