The One Where I Introduce You To Something That’s 20 Years Old

You probably haven’t heard of this podcast, it’s pretty new and unfamiliar but it’s called “This American Life” and it’s hosted by this unknown guy: Ira Glass. Have you heard of it?

I know. I know. You’ve heard of it. I’m writing about something like it’s new when everyone in the world listens to it every week.

First: It’s not new to me either. I’ve caught it periodically on the radio using our NPR affiliate for the very long time it has been on. I also would try to catch it on my “podcast” app but I subscribe to a LOT of podcasts and I sometimes miss them and they don’t keep a good archive. I tried to listen to it on my NPR ONE app but they don’t have it at all. I didn’t realize there was actually a “This American Life” app with ALL of the shows until my husband told me about it. So I’m not really new to the show, but I’m new to a lot of the episodes now that I have the complete archive at my fingertips.

I think the reason I’m listening to it more is that I now have a 35-45 minute commute where the ONE thing I always listened to: NPR, is not longer an option. Y’all? I can’t handle election coverage any more. It’s making me crazy. I’m into politics, I really am, but our election cycle is A) Way too freakin’ long and B) A special kind of terrible this year.

(For example? How is it that the Republicans seem to be actually rallying around Trump to avoid a Clinton Presidency but the Left side of politics is holding their ground with their candidate NO MATTER WHAT. Is a Clinton Presidency scarier to Republicans than a Trump Presidency is to Democrats? It’s weird, y’all. I’m seeing more ugliness between liberals than I’ve ever seen and it’s embarrassing. How I’m embarrassed by my side on a year the other side has Trump is beyond me.)

ANYWAY! Sick of NPR, so I’m listening to old TAL shows and it’s been really great. I’m using the app to mark my “favorites” when I can, although it’s hard because sometimes I love Act 2 and the rest is just okay so when it’s over I forget to “favorite” it. I do mark them as “heard” though so I can sort by “Unheard” and find new ones easier. And I do periodically come across an act or even a whole show I heard when it aired “live” on our NPR station, but for the most part I’ve been surprised by how many are “new” to me. I thought I had listened to a lot of them but either I just don’t remember them or I’m just delusional.

It’s just been a nice little new addition to my life. Donnie’s totally addicted too and because my commute is longer, I’m now further back in time than he is and he’s kinda mad about it. Heh. But luckily, the show has been on for 20 years so I think I can make it through the entire election and not have to listen to the morning news on my commute ONCE.

7 thoughts on “The One Where I Introduce You To Something That’s 20 Years Old”

  1. I’m not even American and I love this podcast.
    I listen to all my podcasts while I walk my dog. Great way to pass the Time

  2. Have you heard the Fiasco episode (I looked it up – #61)? I think you’d like act one as a former theater parent. It’s one of my favorites, along with Squirrel Cop (act two of #115 about terrible first days).

  3. I love TAL. Great idea. You might try Science Friday with Ira Flato. Always fascinating to me.

  4. I discovered podcasts this year when I started driving so much for work. I do like TAL and have discovered others that I like. One of my favorites is Beautiful Anonymous–people call in and they have an hour to talk about absolutely anything. It gets very real.

  5. I just discovered The Moth podcast (a show that’s been going for a decade, I think), and I’m so in love with it. Makes my commute during the election season 100% better.

  6. I didn’t know there was an app to go back to all of the older episodes! Thanks. PS: If you like TAL, try Radiolab.

  7. I started listening to podcasts on my drive into/leaving work and love it!
    Happened to hear a segment on Sirius NPR this morning called Snap Judgement and there is a podcast version that I just subscribed to. The story I heard on it this morning was awesome!

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