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Bonus Entry From Therapy!

I went to therapy this morning and my therapist introduced me to a concept: Analysis Paralysis. This is when you feel compelled to analyze something so much, you’re almost frozen into inaction and can’t change or shift because you’re so obsessed with analyzing a situation.

So…did anyone read my 1800 words this morning WAAAAAY over-analyzing a simple comment from a Christian acquaintance? Yep…I think I might suffer from Analysis Paralysis. Just maybe.

I found that hilarious and really wanted to share it with you guys, which I figured I’d do in tomorrow’s entry. Then Jessie left this comment on the last entry, “My philosophy, don’t be an asshole and we can be friends.”

Jessie does NOT suffer from Analysis Paralysis. I need to be more like Jessie.

ANYWAY – There was also a funny moment of synchronicity involving stuffed animals but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Today? I just had to pop in with a bonus entry so we could all giggle over the not-so-hidden messages life sometimes gives me: CHILL OUT, Zoot.

6 thoughts on “Bonus Entry From Therapy!”

  1. I definitely suffer from analysis paralysis! I can spend hours going over a simple exchange in my head about what I should have said or what I said wrong and how things would have been different if I’d said or done this or that. Probably most of the time the other person didn’t even think I did anything wrong!

  2. I was just thinking about how I agree with Jessie’s philosophy. Mainly, because if I don’t operate that way, I would end up in analysis paralysis.

  3. I have this! I spend almost all my time stuck in analysis paralysis and can’t get anything done. It’s good to have a name for it, but it sucks in general.

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