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Let’s start out April with a few things I’m loving right now. I want to stay as positive as humanly possible this month. Can I willfully shame the sadness and anxiety away? NO! But can I dampen it’s effects a little? MAYBE! But seriously. April is full of sunshine and flowers and this is just a GREAT month and I’m ready to try to shake off the shit from March – OH! And I have a new therapist I’m trying next week. I’m about 100% sure she’s the Mom of one of my kid’s friends (unusual last name, I could kinda see this woman as a therapist) and I’m not sure if that’s weird or not. We’ll see!

Without further ado – a few things I’m loving right now. I’d love to hear what you’re loving – especially if it relates to 1) Pens 2) Cruelty Free Cosmetics or 3) Joyful Television.

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.14.52 AMMy two favorite types of pens Signo 307 retractable and Energel Metal Tip 0.7 are made by Uniball and Pentel respectively. SO! I’m always looking in those sections for sales and new colors and one day I noticed Uniball had a new pen: Uniball Air Rollerball and it’s not retractable (I hate having to keep up with pen lids) but I gave it a whirl anyway and while it feels MUCH bolder than a 0.7, and it’s DEFINITELY a lot “wetter” is the best way I can describe, I’m really kinda digging it. I find myself reaching for it more and more lately!
  • So, awhile ago my friend got a rabbit and while I’ve not met the rabbit in person, I’ve kinda fallen in love with her via pictures. Chelsea decided to start going cruelty-free on all cosmetics because she started thinking of her lovely rabbit being subjected to cruel tests and I was like, “OH MY GOD. NOT SPARKLE!” And I decided to do the same. I’ve been slowly but surely switching over based on how much of the cheap stuff I had and it’s so funny because one of the products seems to have cured the scalp psoriasis I had! I switched to this conditioner from Shea Moisture and within a couple of weeks it had basically vanished and it had been bothering me for MONTHS. The last time I got a bad case I chopped off my hair because when my hair gets past a certain length I get it and chopping off my hair seems like a good solution. I had already started considering chopping off my hair and I’m SO GLAD I DIDN’T! I hope this stuff continues to make me happy. I’m a little concerned about how this is going to affect our budget, I accidentally went over on “groceries” this month and I think that might be why. I might need to look into making my own stuff but the last time I tried I was SOOO messy and SUCH a pain in the ass.
  • I’ve always liked the show New Girl well enough, nothing I couldn’t miss, but it was fine. But lately y’all? It’s cracking my ass UP. And I honestly think it was the episodes without Jess, weirdly enough, that let the other characters shine. I’ve loved Max Greenfield since Veronica Mars (he was my favorite of all of the love interests) but he’s funny as HELL as Schmidt and I just can’t get enough. I can’t tell if I love Greenfield or Schmidt but either way – LOVE LOVE LOVE. Give him and Cece their own spinoff and make me the happiest woman in the world.

Your turn!

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  1. Kim has had us on all natural shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and face moisturizer for quite a while now. We tried the Tom’s toothpaste but it didn’t feel like it cleaned our teeth well.

    I’ve gotten hooked on The Black Tapes podcast and LOVE it. Need to find another cool one to listen to since it’s on a short hiatus. Listening to one on commute to work makes the time fly by and I’ve noticed that I get less annoyed by traffic.

  2. Oh and you can find some rather reasonably price natural stuff at target.

  3. Would love to know more about the natural products. I don’t wear a lot of make-up anymore, but I still use moisturizer and hair products. Plus, I love Sparkle pics, and now that you’ve put that image in my head of poor Sparkle being tested. : (- I can’t.

    Love Max Greenfield – he’s the only reason I used to watch New Girl – hilarious!! Did you see him in American Horror Story? I didn’t make it much past the first couple of episodes…mainly because of what happened to his character.

    What I’m loving right now? My coffee, my Energel pens (finally broke down and bought them), my Hokas, and Oak Barrel is finally here. And my oldest is home for a couple of days – yay!

  4. I love Black Tapes! Ifi you did I recommend TANIS and Limetown too! Very similar!

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning that conditioner! I have scalp psoriasis and it is the grossest, most annoying inconvenience. I’ve legit gained 15 pounds since it developed because sweating makes my head SO ITCHY, so working out seemed impossible, and now I have to work out even more because I’ve gained all this weight, haha. I sporadically use this coal tar shampoo that is supposed to help a lot, and it does but it also makes me smell like pavement, so I don’t use it as often as I should. Perhaps this magic conditioner will help!

  6. Check out the show Catastrophe. It’s hilarious and real and heart-warming and I can’t wait for Season 2.

  7. Well now I want to try the fancy conditioner. Do you not get grey hair? It doesn’t look like it. I usually use conditioner for colored hair but I think it is cruelty free- will have to check. That reminds me of meeting someone’s adorable house rabbit then finding out its name was Jetta, the Volkswagen rabbit.

    Anyway, what am I liking? My pets. More than people this week.

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