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I got two GREAT links from you guys last week. I get great links from you guys all the time but these two links spawned various conversations with friends over this weekend which spawned great insight from others and from myself (I AM SOMETIMES BRILLIANT, Y’ALL) so I wanted to share them with you guys in since you probably don’t come back to read the comments on entries.

Acts of Kindness

I love this one because it talks a bit about the science behind why kindness is good for you and then reminds you that you can get the same physiological benefits of being kind to others – by being kind to yourself. I love this idea, that the joy I get from kindness to friends could also be derived by being kind to myself. I made napping a HUGE priority yesterday because of that article because I knew I needed a nap after two sleepless nights and a long run. I tried to nap once and failed due to construction next door so I made sure to try again later and it worked and it was LOVELY. Naps are amazing.

Self Compassion

Dr. Neff’s entire website about self compassion is great but I liked the page about what it is NOT because it kinda pointed out to me what I’m doing wrong about trying to be kind to myself. I’m still ranking my kindness in terms of what I’ve done. “Kim, you deserve a nap because you ran 40 miles yesterday.” When really – I deserve a nap because I’m tired and that’s what I need. Even if I sat on the couch and watched TV all day. I realized this weekend how bad I am at framing my self love around accomplishments but then that attitude is what makes my self-esteem drop when I’ve not accomplished anything. It never occurred to me that I was doing that, giving myself kindness as a reward earned. I feel compassion towards the homeless addict, and feel he/she deserves kindness – yet I frame all of my kindness around things like “Kim! You woke up at 2:30am and cleaned house, you are amazing!” which means I train myself to NOT think I’m amazing on days I slept late and ate donuts.

I just love all of these ideas and they’ve really been on my mind and in my heart this weekend. Y’all – I had some amazing conversations with amazing people both Saturday and Sunday. I just feel like this weekend was full of lovely insight from amazing souls and I’m so blessed to have a hobby (running) that puts me in situations to have long talks with people from different walks of life than the one I’m on.

Happy Monday, you beautiful people who share with me life-changing articles and insight. I appreciate them all.

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  1. I know I’m late to comment on this one, but I went through to both websites and you’re right – great recommendations! 🙂

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