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Not a good day to be tired.

I just wrote what was probably an incoherent diatribe explaining why Rubio and Cruz would be more respectful President’s that Trump would be on someone Facebook wall. I mean, politics aside (because Cruz and I could not be more different on the political spectrum if we tried), I trust they wouldn’t openly mock a global leader or another government official. Anyway – I word vomited on a facebook status where someone said Trump would be different in office and I really wish I had gotten more sleep last night because I’m certain I had a good point to make but I’m pretty sure I lost it in a haze of exhaustion.

You know how there are those sensors on some cars that won’t start if you don’t pass a breathalizer? I should not be allowed to be on Facebook if I haven’t had at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Today is not a good day to be running on heightened emotions and minimal sleep.

But seriously, y’all. If you look at some of the things Trump has said in the past he probably (it’s hard to tell what stance he’ll take in office) aligns with my politics more than Cruz or Rubio but I do NOT want him to be the presidential candidate because I respect the position of President too much. I don’t trust he’ll “be different” just because he said he would be. My kid promises to not tell Deez Nuts jokes to his little cousins and I trust him more than I trust Trump.

Maybe. Wesley really likes his Deez Nuts jokes. It’s a hard habit to break.

1930842_37344263495_6490_nI’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I’m still not sure who I’m voting for. I was so fired up for Obama in ’08 and I just haven’t felt that fired up about anyone this time. I BOUGHT MY KIDS OBAMA FOAM FINGERS. I’m not foam finger excited about anyone. Which I hate because both E and D are both fired up for Bernie and I want to be one of the cool kids. There are things I like about Clinton and Bernie. Maybe even things I love about them. Bernie aligns more with my politics but I really trust Clinton to be as effective as possible in this obstructionist era of politics. (Yes. Both sides are obstructionist.) But neither of them get me EXCITED.

But you know what I can’t do? Give away my vote. A lot of dems in Alabama are talking about voting on the Republican ballot to just help ensure Trump doesn’t win and I just can’t do it. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I get it – politically speaking – but it feels like the women who helped me get this right to vote would be really mad at me for being manipulative with the right. Maybe they wouldn’t care. Maybe they’d be impressed with the deception. Either way – I’m voting for me. And just praying Trump doesn’t win the nomination because I’ve already been really fragile lately with my emotions and that may push me over the edge.

Go vote if you can today. And then be self-righteous about it on Facebook so maybe you’ll guilt your friends into voting.

10 thoughts on “Not a good day to be tired.”

  1. I heard from friends in Texas that folks there are voting Republican in the primary just to vote against Trump, too. It’s always a red state, so it’s quite easy for people who aren’t Republican, or who are even moderate Republicans, to feel that their votes don’t really count. I felt that way. I voted anyhow, but it was with a shrug.

  2. I would be interested to talk more about the manipulation angle (of Democrats voting Republican to help ensure Trump doesn’t win). I think maybe I take a more black and white view – everyone has the right to vote, each single vote counts, and if voting a certain way helps ensure the result you want, is it really manipulation? Or is it “fair” manipulation rather than foul play? Don’t get me wrong – I definitely think there are a lot of broken things with our political system, but if people are voting isn’t that still a win? Is it better for someone to vote for a women just because she’s a woman, or for that person to not vote at all? I don’t think the questions really have answers, but I like talking about them.

  3. It’s a tough choice; In the 33 years I’ve been old enough to vote, I’ve never felt this disappointed in the candidates. According to the quiz at, there was a difference of only 4 percentage points in my similarity of views between Trump and Bernie. How weird is that?? My highest agreement percentage was 79%. I can understand people wanting to keep Trump off the final ballot, though. He’s mean. I don’t think I want a bully in office, and it seems like a lot of folks just aren’t thinking past wanting something different than what we’ve had for 8 years. I think I share Elaine’s thoughts about votes counting regardless of whether it’s for the person you support or against one you don’t.

  4. I’m a dem switching to vote against Trump. My candidate (Clinton) looks pretty certain to lock up Alabama, so I’m voting for Rubio. Not something I ever though I would say. I’m voting for Rubio. Yup, still sounds weird.

    I was protesting Trump on Sunday. It would be a disgrace to our country if he was the candidate on the ballot for the GOP.

  5. I often wonder if my ambivalence is because I really do like Clinton but that’s not what the cool kids are doing.

    Good luck! As an introvert with kids in a caucus state with no husband help AND a school event tonight, I’m officially useless in the system.

  6. I’m just a purist and feel like the “system” is designed that majority decides and if I don’t like the majority’s decision, that’s part of the way democracy works.

    THAT SAID – with delegates and an electoral college it’s obviously not always about the majority. But – it’s with that pure intention that I feel like I need to vote for the person I want. Also – there were rumors of bigots trying to do the same thing to keep a black man out of the oval office 8 years ago. 🙁

  7. Yeah – I’m just a naive purist at heart and feel like if we all vote for who we want and the majority wins with someone I hate – that’s just how democracy works. I have to live with Trump if the majority of voters choose him.

    Of course, majority doesn’t always rule with delegates and an electoral college. But the purist in me likes to pretend it does and I just HOPE the majority doesn’t support Trump 🙂

  8. I have voted in every election since 1984 (and there have been some doozies). I have yet to have a single candidate on any level where I say “WOW I REALLY REALLY LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!” More often than not it’s, “well, you’re better than that I suppose.” I don’t think my criteria is all that high either. I just want someone who I believe to be smarter than me because I KNOW I don’t have many of the answers.

  9. And maybe this is kind of a horrible sentiment, but I also like candidates who – while they can speak intelligently on topics – also surround themselves with the right team. There’s no way any one person can know everything they need to run a country. So to some extent you’re only as good as the team around you, and you have to wonder what kind of staff Trump would select if his progression continues all the way to the White House. I find the thought the very opposite of inspiring, whereas when President Obama was just Candidate Obama, I really felt like he would assemble the right team. I don’t have that confidence in any of the candidates right now. (Side note: my brother caucused in Minneapolis yesterday and said so many people turned out that they were scrambling looking for more ballots!)

  10. Can I make a confession? I have been a vaguely committed Bernie supporter, and I’m from his home state, but I was never fully one or the other. And then I got to the polls and I voted for Hillary. I haven’t even told my husband this.

    Honestly, I don’t care that much between the two. I’d vote for either candidate.

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