IMG_1735I wrote an entry on my bullet journal blog yesterday to concisely discuss why I love the bullet journal system on the day my bullet journal instagram crossed 10K followers. And I stand by that post, but I feel like it was really way too tame so today I’m going to use this safe place to fangirl over my own bullet journals.

I LOVE MY BULLET JOURNALS!!!!1!11111!111!!!!!!

I got them all out yesterday for a photo session (like you do) and I just was flipping through them and reliving memories from ticket stubs or childhood phases with their drawings or projects at work and grocery lists and zendoodles and I just love them so much. Even this morning I was writing my weekly page and I could feel the raised impression on the opposite page from the drawing from yesterday and I was just running my fingers over it and thinking, “I LOVE THE FEEL OF THIS PAGE” and that is when I thought to myself Zoot, you might be taking this too far.

But I really do love flipping through my pages, I love looking at it open on my desk all day, I love taping in race bibs or notes from teachers. I’m just such a dork about my bullet journal and I try to contain that dorkiness but since my instagram passed 10K followers yesterday I have been validated so I AM OWNING MY DORKINESS TODAY TO CELEBRATE.

And that’s all you’re getting from me today. Because on Mondays I have to do my weekly page and my daily page and since tomorrow is March 1st I have to do my Monthly page so there is a LOT of bullet journaling that needs to be done this morning.

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  1. I love your love for your bullet journals! It’s what got me started with mine (almost 2 years now!) and I totally love mine too.

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