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Things Keeping Me From Getting My House On The Market

Okay – full disclosure. I spend about an hour a day doing nothing but vegging out on something. At least an hour. So if you hear me bitch about not having enough time to get my house ready? Then blame any of the things I’m enjoying during that hour. THEY ARE ALL LISTED BELOW.

(But don’t bother because I’m not giving them up. I run to counter balance the natural couch potato tendencies, NOT TO ERASE THEM ALL TOGETHER.)


  • TANIS – Fictional investigative drama surrounding the mystery of TANIS, is it a place? A mental state? An alternate dimension? I DO NOT KNOW.
  • Limetown – Fictional investigative drama surrounding the events years past at a research town called Limetown. Everyone disappeared without a trace. OR DID THEY?
  • Black Tapes Podcast – Fictional investigative drama surrounding a series of stories related to the supernatural. ARE THEY ALL CONNECTED?
  • Nerdist – Chris Hardwick is an amazing interviewer and him dropping his show to once a week broke my heart. I would say just look up people you find interesting because he’s done SO MANY INTERVIEWS but some of my favorite interviews were people I had never heard of.
  • Pete Holmes: You Made It Weird – He’s a good interviewer too and often discusses spirituality BUT – he also likes to talk about sex so it can get a little weird at times (hence the podcast) but still, he’s a great interviewer and gets people to open up in interesting ways.


  • Flash
  • Arrow
  • Legends of Tomorrow – So far, so good.
  • The 100: I am only 3/4 way through season 2 and OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. I see why everyone told me to stick with it. I guess 4 episodes into season 2 it started shifting and it’s AMAZING. It’s also a good testament to women being great leads/badasses and also ADULTS ARE OFTEN TERRIBLE LEADERS.
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Modern Family


  • God is not Good – This book is abrasive and I would not recommend it to any of my believer friends. But, I get really sick of the constant notion that non-believers don’t have an ability to be spiritual or the motivation to be good so the book is enlightening by showing that believers aren’t always the best at being spiritual or good either.
  • All The Light We Cannot See – As good as everyone said it was, THANK GOD. It’s been recommended so many times I was worried. It was a little slower of a read for me than some because the Point of View changes chapter to chapter so I found it easier to put down, but it was still riveting and beautiful.
  • The Danish Girl – The book was such an easy read. I read it in like 2 days. I’m worried about seeing the movie now because I loved the book so much, when originally that was why I read the book – the movie looked so good!

7 thoughts on “Things Keeping Me From Getting My House On The Market”

  1. I just started watching The Flash this week — it’s so good! Finished Season 1 and that cliffhanger was amazing! But then I started on Season 2 — and what? They don’t even address the black hole at the end of Season 1. I felt let down. Maybe they address it later in Season 2?

    If you’re looking for some other shows, you should try The Good Wife. The earlier seasons are on Netflix (I think). And The Grinder is hilarious. I also really liked Master of None (Aziz Ansari, Netflix).

    You’re going to need more than an hour to veg! 🙂

  2. you’re not watching iZombie??? Fix That…IMMEDIATELY!!! 🙂

    i think you would absolutely love it!!!

  3. I LOOOOOVED the book THE DANISH GIRL as did my almost-16 year old daughter. And then we saw the movie. I think the book is better but, having read the book, I think we felt more informed than the average movie-goer. The film is BEAUTIFUL, just gorgeous. Its worth seeing and, while it might not be as good as the book, it is a complementary experience.

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