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I’m leaving town today to see my kid who I was supposed to visit on Sunday for his 21st birthday, but the snow and my race changed those plans and today is the first day I could try to reschedule. SO! I’m going to insist you go read some other write-ups from my running friends. These are two more REAL runners who weren’t born athletic and who aren’t fighting for first place when they set out to run. They’re people like you doing amazing things and their words inspired me and I WAS THERE WITH THEM DOING THE SAME THING.

First is from Chelsea who toed the line at her first Mountain Mist on Sunday and her write-up kept me on the edge of my seat AND I EVEN KNEW HOW IT ENDED.

Marty, my friend who was running this station, assured me that I was good but that I needed to HURRY UP. I would need to make up time in this section to make the last cut off. I turned back on to the trail with Amanda, walking with my Waffle in hand. In the distance I heard Marty yell “MOVE YOUR ASS!!” Ha! I smiled a little and took his words to heart. I was about to push myself the hardest I ever had in my life.

The second is from my friend Lindsey who actually opted to tell Part 1 of her story first, which was her DNF (Did Not Finish) from Mountain Mist last year. It’s such a good write-up about DNFs and how you can learn from them.

When I reached the finish line I went straight to the first person I saw with a clipboard to make sure they knew not to count me as a finisher. Then I watched as most of my fellow Grand Slammers crossed the finish line. My empty heart was filling back up as I tried to soak in as much of their happiness and sense of self-accomplishment that I could, knowing that I too would have a Mountain Mist finish one day.

Enjoy the reads and be inspired, I know I was!

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